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Horses Havng Horns
Horses Havng Horns
A winter decimated the land of Web3. Goldmines were dried up, Rivers stopped flowing, and everything stopped growing. Creatures such as the bulls disappeared... One creature in particular of myth and fame went almost extinct, the Horses Having Horns. They were just hiding, however, waiting until the frost was over. Join them as they come out of the shadows to drive prosperity back into the land… Get in on the excitement with exeno's 2nd-anniversary’s Horses Having Horns collection! These mythical creatures have emerged from the twists and turns of the web3 industry, bringing with them a symbol of hope and prosperity. Buy an NFT package with ETH, get a unique NFT & much more, and join the fun - with a unique buyback mechanism in place, randomly chosen buyers have the opportunity to sell their NFTs back to exeno at a higher price (or keep playing for even higher reward). Don't miss out - join the Unicorn gang now.
Onifinance Project
Onifinance Project
The Onifinance Project is an initiative aimed at creating and launching the Onifinance DAO. To achieve this, the project allows users to mint OFP tokens in exchange for USDC tokens, each of which entitles them to one vote in the project's governance system. A total of 20000 OFP tokens will be allowed to be minted, and once minted, seven decentralized raffles will take place, each with different USDC token prizes. There will also be a community raffle on Twitter with 50 prizes of 1000 USDC tokens each. Users will be able to claim OFI tokens in exchange for their OFP tokens 60 days after the launch of the Onifinance DAO, and in case of emergency, the project has a mechanism to distribute the OFP contract balance among holders in exchange for their OFP tokens. The Onifinance DAO will be a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governed by a decentralized governance system. It will consist of three main elements: The OFI token, which will be used as the utility token of the Onifinance DAO. An Automated Market Maker (AMM) that will feature liquidity mining for the first three months in some selected token pairs. The Onifinance Dollar (OFD) will be a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. In addition, shortly after its launch, the Onifinance DAO will introduce the Onifinance Name System, which will be a naming system that will allow users to purchase .ofi domains in exchange for OFD tokens.
The Machine Monkeys
The Machine Monkeys
Featuring 500 limited edition NFTs available for purchase at the unbeatable price of 30 Matic each. With this rare opportunity, you'll have the chance to own a piece of digital art that is both unique and valuable. Each NFT in " The Machine Monkeys" is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, featuring captivating designs and innovative blockchain technology. With our commitment to quality and creativity, these NFTs are sure to become a prized possession in your collection. Get ready to be blown away by the power and might of The Machine Monkeys of Metropolis! These remarkable creatures, with their advanced armor and weapons and exceptional intelligence, are a true force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s helping with construction, transportation, security, or keeping the planet safe from rogue AI, these apes are always there to lend a hand. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a piece of history in the making.
An homage to the rock 'n' roll icons. A collection with 6666 unique rock icons to wear and divulge proudly your love and taste in music. Developed by a collective of people from the live show industry, who took the pandemic years as an opportunity to keep working on what they love and do best... Anything related to music and live shows. Artwork made by Damin August Augustyniak, a well established name on illustration for several bands albums artwork and a reference on the NFT space from several other collections. A soon to be released collection for music and NFT lovers with a always in development roadmap, to gather a community of exclusive holders to access an extensive range of perks for all collection holders. From exclusive merchandise, to future events, an exclusive music album to the holders and much more, we aim to bring the live show concert experience to the NFT world and all that thrive on it. Early access to minting whitelist till March 3rd 2023 and full public access on June 6th 2023. We're part of those about to rock. Want to join us?
STRMNFT Battle Royale
STRMNFT Battle Royale
The battleground is heating up for the epic fight! The STRMNFT Battle Royale comprises 1,000 Entry Tickets minted on the STRMNFT marketplace. During this 7-day event, participants should buy as many tickets as they can. The user who has the highest number of tickets when the event closes on March 8 wins the SHIBOSHIS #5803. Everyone can compete. If you believe winning is not possible, you can still participate by buying tickets and selling them to the other bidders who are eager to collect more and win. Should you not be able to sell your remaining tickets, you will get reimbursed. Ready to test your NFT mastery in the battle to emerge as the victor? Get ready to bring out your inner collector to grab the most tickets; now is your chance to get a top-tier NFT! Stay in the loop and watch for the big show.
Immerse yourself into our upcoming NFT Mint of meta land and items that will forge your destiny in Gaelia, a land of fantasy that has plunged into chaos! Gaelia is a new MMOCARPG based on blockchain technology, and powered by ERC-1155 tokenized assets that represent a portion of each player's progress in an open world where you can enjoy pve and pvp activities, get ready for a world of fantasy, adventure and blockchain dominance. Our minting process will consist of three separate mints, one concerning the item mint for Gaelia, that grants in-game items for utilisation and acts as an access pass to member-only perks, as well as the Land sale, ownership of the land allowing for monetisation of that land with our in-game currency and more, and the mount-and-pet mint! Will your Quest end in success against the corrupt forces that plague Gaelia alongside your trusty mount or pet? Shall you adopt a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to profit off of, even breeding your mounts/pets to make stronger and more legendary generations? Or perhaps become a landlord and rent out your land to other players that will require the positive buff in their journey? Whichever way you choose to go with, Gaelia has multitude of ways to really allow you to Earn in a P2E Experience! The team itself comes from a variety of backgrounds, and most importantly consists of highly skilled developers that are fully focused on creating the best possible MMOCARPG that the space had seen.
Bountykinds 1ST
Bountykinds 1ST
Binance Chain
Brought to inception by a team of players who sees that there is room for improvement with the current state of Play-to-Earn blockchain gaming, BountyKinds will be a completely Free-to-Play game built on the premise of building a Developer-Player DAO. A game where gamers can play the games that they want, and more importantly, play games that gamers would have fun playing. A game where everyone who enjoys gaming could help build the world itself; may it be player, investor or developer - that is what BountyKinds is all about. For our first sale, we are including the ultimate starter kit, which includes the Alpha ticket, giving people who purchase our NFTs a chance to join the alpha testing period which will begin in March! Distribution: 1) Ultimate Alpha Starter Kit (includes NFTs, Alpha ticket and 10 Forbidden Fruit Energy Tokens) x 3513 2) Character+NFT sets x 1239 3) Character NFT sets x313
Be0nb0g Friends
Be0nb0g Friends
Welcome to the world of Be0nb0g Friends (BBF), the community-driven project that's taking the NFT space by storm. If you haven't heard of us yet, you're in for a treat. BBF is all about creating a warm and welcoming community of like-minded individuals who share a love for our unique, randomly generated NFT characters. At the heart of our project is the Be0nb0g character, a lovable creature that you'll instantly fall in love with. Each Be0nb0g is completely unique, with its own set of characteristics and quirks that make it one of a kind. And thanks to our use of the Solana Blockchain, you can rest assured that your Be0nb0g Friends NFT is secure and will be around for years to come. But what really sets BBF apart is our community. We're dedicated to creating an environment that's inclusive, supportive, and just plain fun. When you own a Be0nb0g Friends NFT, you're not just buying a JPEG. You're joining a family of 3333 other BBF owners who share your passion for all things NFT. And that's just the beginning. As a member of the BBF community, you'll have access to a whole range of benefits that go far beyond just owning an NFT. Imagine being able to attend exclusive IRL events with other BBF owners, or taking part in Metaverse expansions that will blow your mind. With BBF, the possibilities are endless. But that's not all. We're constantly exploring new ways to make owning a Be0nb0g Friends NFT even more rewarding. For example, we're working on a breeding system that will allow you to create new, one-of-a-kind Be0nb0g characters by combining traits from two different NFTs. And of course, our tokenomics system ensures that you'll always be getting the most value from your investment. And let's not forget about the physicals and merch. Imagine being able to wear your Be0nb0g character on a t-shirt or display it proudly on your desk. With BBF, anything is possible. So why choose Be0nb0g Friends? Well, for starters, we're all about community. We believe that the NFT space should be a place where everyone feels welcome, regardless of their background or experience. And we're committed to making that a reality. But more than that, we're all about heart. Our Be0nb0g characters are more than just a collection of pixels. They're living, breathing creatures that are sure to capture your heart and make you smile. And when you join the BBF community, you're not just buying an NFT. You're becoming part of something truly special. So if you're looking for a new NFT project to invest in, look no further than Be0nb0g Friends. We're more than just an NFT project. We're a family, and we'd love to welcome you into our community.
The Dokolets (One eyed apes) are an art collection for an NFT staking project built within the Ethereum network, a Dokolet is a character that is part of an 1000 algorithmically generated one eyed ape collection consisting of extremely unique features. Each is unique and rank from General to Corporal. Each item can be staked on the Dokolet vault to receive Dokolet Token (BDT) rewards. One eyed bored ape force (Dokolet). Only 1,000 will ever exist and holding one unlocks Privilege to recieve monthly reward (Salaries) from Dokolet metaverse. From the top rank of General to lowest rank of corporal and only One general will ever exit and apes will be limited bases on rank level 150 Dokolet ape will be airdrop to whitelist address and other remaining supply will be avalibale form sale. Join Dokolet and unlocked hidden privileges on metaverse
PSCHOZ is an NFT Collectible Card Game, or CCG, with factions of serial killers, law, and pedestrians. Psychoz will be releasing our fourth limited edition card, John Wayne Gacy. There will be a limited supply of 50 for this one-time release. The PSYCHOZ CCG is a creation of the mind of Flawwed1 that consists of an engaging design that will pull you into the twisted world of serial killer PSYCHOZ. The Collectible Card Game was launched in 2021 as an NFT offering of cards to provide owners with unique benefits and long-term collectibility of the game assets. Additional card NFTs will be coming available very soon. The highly experienced team includes: Flawwed 1 Art PSYCHOZ is a game developed by Flawwed 1, a lifelong artist who has devoted most of his life to art and game development. He has experience working with small to large game companies and has assisted in the development of some of the most successful games on the market. Flawwed 1 developed PSYCHOZ, a CCG (Collectable Card Game) initially offered as Cardano NFTs made up of Serial Killer Psychoz! A Detailed Project Map is coming soon and will lay out the timeline of all releases and development stages. HyperTodd has nearly three decades of experience in creating art, media, interactive, games, film, and animation. He has collaborated closely with Flawwed 1 to find ways to elevate the PSYCHOZ experience. HyperTodd will continue to work on the project as an integral lead in all aspects of the project, in order to deliver excellent experiences, while expanding the community of holders and players.
YumiCat NFT PASS "HERO PASS" is 3D NFT Card that can be minted on the Solana blockchain. Holders of YumiCat "HERO PASS" will get the OG PASS role and gain access to participate in exclusive community events such as : $YUMI token Airdrop, Raffles & Giveaways, Wl for future Launches (WL for YumiCat NFT Collection). YumiCat $YUMI is New Solana project that aims to build a brand and Community of like-minded people and become the next 100x Gem! YumiCat "HERO PASS" Mint: TBA OG/WL : 0.5 Sol Public: 1 Sol OG PASS holders will get $YUMI airdrop, WL spot for next launch, Access to PASS HOLDERS private channels, Community Raffles & Giveaways. Holding more PASS's Will get you more rewards! Examples: 2 PASS = 2 x airdrops + 2 x WL 5 PASS = 5 x airdrops + 5 x WL Follow us on Twitter and stay tuned!
Exceed OTF Pass
Exceed OTF Pass
A WHOLE NEW WAY TO INVEST IN AND ENGAGE WITH TALENT One Platform To Invest, Earn, Interact, Influence, And Celebrate Talent The Exceed Platform is a marketplace that allows Fans to invest in the Talent they love. Unlike royalty sharing platforms, Exceed seeks to offer fans a broad range of investment opportunities from musical artists, influencers, creators, athletes and other talents who have impacted our lives. In addition, Exceed enables Fans to benefit beyond royalty-related income and extend it to live performance, physical sales, merchandise, advertising & sponsorship, and a variety of other talent income sources. Investing is just the beginning. The relationship between Talents and their Fans is a powerful dynamic. Exceed’s in-app fan engagement tools allow fans to become part of the success of their idols not only through financial benefits but also special exclusive rewards. Exceed is fully compliant
Noble Bonks
Noble Bonks
Throughout human history, it has been those who seize opportunities that rise to the top as the nobles and aristocrats of their communities. This holds true in today's digital age as well, as the world of Web3 presents opportunities for true enthusiasts to seize their destiny and become the elite of their online communities. And that's why we introduce to you our latest project: Noble Bonks NFT. At Noble Bonks, we are dedicated to creating a community that is truly invested in the success of its members. By joining our community, you will not only have access to exclusive opportunities, but you will also be able to earn passive income through our luxury jewelry store. Each purchase made in our store will result in 60% of the profits going directly to our community, with the remaining 40% being used for marketing, growth, and payments for our dedicated team members. This is your chance to join an exclusive Alpha community and take advantage of the benefits of staking, Sol/Bonk DAO, and much more. We understand that the world of Web3 is constantly evolving, and that's why we will continue to develop unique plans and opportunities with the help of our community and DAO to ensure that our nobles are always at the forefront of innovation. By becoming a member of Noble Bonks, you are making a lifelong investment in your future as a true aristocrat of Web3. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your status and join the elite ranks of Noble Bonks.
Marble Maidens
Marble Maidens
Avax Network
Supply: 555. Minting: Minting on $ftm // L0 Cross-chain $eth $ftm $avax traversable. Price: TBD // WL spots with 40% off mint price will be attributed to the Oracle community! Mint date: February - 3 - 2023. Mint time: Coming soon - We will have a fun event with games & giveaways in our Discord! Marble Maidens is a small fine-art collection of 555 Greek mythology Inspired NFTs with 300 traits, 1/1s and rares! Hand-painted Watercolor with our artist Kay's unique process combining physical & digital art and her amazing eye for details. Utility: Kay will airdrop a Royalties sharing 1/1 collection to holders of Marble Maidens. Conditions TBD, but you may want to hold multiple maidens...! I've seen some sneak peak and the art is amazing! We also have more cool surprises up our sleeves... Holders will have access to weekly giveaways, games and fun events in the Oracle Discord with our amazing, active and fun community & 900+ NFTs already distributed! Join our Discord Follow us on Twitter @NatureOracle @Kay_Wren_ @LzZoey for the last updates! -------------------------------- Nature Oracle team Nature Oracle team launched 4 successful collections, 3 of them includes airdrops to holders! Beautiful hand-drawn art from out artists @Kay_Wren_ @LzZoey. Past floors x2-x12 // 115k+ $ftm volume // Cross-chain $avax $fantom $eth traversable. Utility includes royalties sharing, WL + Weekly Games + NFTs giveaways. Already 950+ NFT distributed to our holders! Join our amazing and fun community!
Morphed Alien Earth Club
Morphed Alien Earthling's are a collection of 10,000 Unique Alien PFP generated from 6 characters with over 150 traits living on the Ethereum blockchain. No noise FUD free project for everyone. Morphed Alien Earthling's NEVER give up and have turned a crash into a mission. What is that mission? It's NOT to save the planet. They've decided to remind us of our choice to pursue true happiness. One way is by building generational wealth. With residual monthly rewards you will have the option of growing, spending or both. When you need your money, you can get your money! Each Morphed Alien Earthling provides it's owner a unique PFP, awesome community to join, tokens with each NFT(with the option to stake, farm, hodl or cash out tokens), private access to IRL events, exclusive merch and more. Morphed Alien Earth Club is a project built for the Bull market.

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The Ultimate Guide to ETH Shanghai Upgrade: What You Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to ETH Shanghai Upgrade: What You Need to Know

As an assistant in the blockchain industry, I am excited to share with you the latest developments in the Ethereum network. The ETH Shanghai Upgrade is one of the most anticipated upgrades in the Ethereum network. In this ultimate guide, I will explain what ETH is and why upgrades are necessary, what the Shanghai Upgrade is, and why it is important. I will also discuss the differences between the Shanghai Upgrade and previous upgrades, the timeline of the upgrade, what changes it will bring, how it will affect Ethereum users, and how to prepare for the upgrade. Lastly, I will discuss potential risks and challenges during the upgrade and the future of Ethereum after the ETH Shanghai Upgrade.

Introduction to ETH Shanghai Upgrade

Ethereum (ETH) is a blockchain-based platform that enables developers to build decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts. ETH is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, with a market value of over $200 billion as of March 2022. The platform is constantly evolving, and upgrades are necessary to improve its functionality, security, and scalability. The next major upgrade, the ETH Shanghai Upgrade, is set to launch in April 2023, and it promises to bring significant improvements to the Ethereum network.

What is ETH and why are upgrades necessary?

ETH is a decentralized platform that runs on a global network of computers. It allows developers to build and deploy smart contracts and DApps without the need for a centralized authority. The platform is powered by the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which executes smart contracts and manages the state of the network. Upgrades are necessary to improve the performance, security, and scalability of the network. The Ethereum community and developers continually work to improve the platform by proposing upgrades and implementing changes.

What is the Shanghai Upgrade and why is it important?

The ETH Shanghai Upgrade is the next major upgrade to the Ethereum network, and it is set to launch in April 2023. It is named after the city where the Ethereum Foundation held its Devcon 5 conference in 2019. The upgrade will bring significant improvements to the network, including better transaction throughput, reduced gas fees, and improved security. The Shanghai Upgrade will also pave the way for the transition to Ethereum 2.0, which is a major upgrade that will introduce a new consensus mechanism, Proof of Stake (PoS), and increase scalability and security.

Differences between ETH Shanghai Upgrade and previous upgrades

The ETH Shanghai Upgrade is different from previous upgrades in several ways. It is a major upgrade that will introduce significant changes to the network. Previous upgrades, such as the Berlin Upgrade, were minor upgrades that focused on improving the existing features of the network. The Shanghai Upgrade will also introduce a new version of the EVM, known as EVM 384, which will increase the capacity of the network and enable developers to build more complex DApps and smart contracts.

Timeline of the ETH Shanghai Upgrade

The ETH Shanghai Upgrade is set to launch in April 2023, and it will be implemented in two phases. The first phase, known as the Altair Fork, will introduce the new EVM 384 and improve the network's security and functionality. The second phase, known as the Merge, will transition the network from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS), which will improve scalability and reduce energy consumption. The exact date of the upgrade is yet to be announced, but the Ethereum Foundation has stated that it will occur in April 2023.

What changes will the ETH Shanghai Upgrade bring?

The ETH Shanghai Upgrade will bring several changes to the Ethereum network. The most significant changes include:

  • Introduction of EVM 384: The new version of the EVM will increase the capacity of the network and enable developers to build more complex DApps and smart contracts.
  • Increased transaction throughput: The upgrade will improve the transaction throughput of the network, allowing more transactions to be processed per second.
  • Reduced gas fees: The upgrade will introduce new fee structures that will reduce gas fees for users.
  • Improved security: The upgrade will introduce several security improvements, including the implementation of the BLS12-381 curve, which will enhance the security of the network.

How will the ETH Shanghai Upgrade affect Ethereum users?

The ETH Shanghai Upgrade will have a significant impact on Ethereum users. The introduction of the new EVM and increased transaction throughput will enable developers to build more complex DApps and smart contracts, which will improve the user experience. The reduced gas fees will also make the network more accessible to users who were previously priced out of the market. However, users will need to update their software to be compatible with the new upgrade. Failure to do so could result in lost funds or other issues.

Preparing for the ETH Shanghai Upgrade

To prepare for the ETH Shanghai Upgrade, users need to ensure that they are running the latest version of their Ethereum software. They should also back up their private keys and ensure that they have access to their recovery phrase in case of any issues. Users should also be aware of potential scams and phishing attempts, as bad actors often take advantage of major upgrades to steal funds or personal information.

Potential risks and challenges during the ETH Shanghai Upgrade

Like all major upgrades, the ETH Shanghai Upgrade comes with potential risks and challenges. Users may experience issues with their software or face delays in transactions. Bad actors may also take advantage of the upgrade to launch attacks or scams. However, the Ethereum community and developers are working to ensure a smooth transition and minimize any potential risks.

Conclusion: The future of Ethereum after the ETH Shanghai Upgrade

The ETH Shanghai Upgrade is a significant milestone in the evolution of the Ethereum network. It will bring significant improvements to the network, including increased transaction throughput, reduced gas fees, and improved security. The upgrade will also pave the way for the transition to Ethereum 2.0, which is a major upgrade that will introduce a new consensus mechanism and increase scalability and security. The future of Ethereum looks bright, and the Shanghai Upgrade is a step towards a more decentralized, secure, and accessible future.


If you are an Ethereum user, make sure to update your software and stay informed about the ETH Shanghai Upgrade. Stay vigilant against scams and phishing attempts, and enjoy the improved functionality and accessibility that the upgrade will bring.

Mar 12, 2023
Uncovering the Most Promising Upcoming NFTs

Uncovering the Most Promising Upcoming NFTs

The world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is an ever-evolving landscape that is constantly introducing new projects and opportunities for investment. As the NFT market matures, it is essential for investors to stay ahead of the curve and uncover the most promising upcoming NFTs. In this blog post, we will explore the most promising upcoming NFTs, analyze the NFT market, evaluate the potential of upcoming NFTs, and provide a list of the most promising upcoming NFTs. We’ll also provide some tips for choosing an upcoming NFT and strategies for investing in them.

Introduction to NFTs

NFTs are digital tokens that represent unique digital assets and are stored on a blockchain. NFTs are unique in that they are not interchangeable and can represent anything from digital art and collectibles to virtual real estate and in-game items. NFTs are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a new way to own and trade digital assets in a secure, transparent, and immutable manner.

The NFT market is still in its early stages, but there is a growing number of projects launching and gaining traction. Investors are looking for the next big thing in the NFT space, and there are plenty of promising upcoming NFTs that could be the next big thing.

What are the Most Promising Upcoming NFTs?

The most promising upcoming NFTs are those that offer unique features and advantages over existing projects. These projects should also have a strong team and a clear roadmap for development and adoption. Additionally, they should offer easy-to-use interfaces and support a wide range of use cases.

In order to identify the most promising upcoming NFTs, we must first analyze the NFT market. By understanding the current trends and technologies, we can identify those projects that are best positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for NFTs.

Analyzing the NFT Market

The NFT market is still in its early stages, but there is a growing number of projects launching and gaining traction. To identify the most promising upcoming NFTs, we must first analyze the current NFT market. We can do this by looking at the types of projects that are launching, the technologies being used, and the current market trends.

The types of projects launching in the NFT space can be divided into two main categories: collectibles and utility tokens. Collectibles are digital assets that have real-world value and can be bought, sold, and traded. Utility tokens are digital assets that offer access to a service or platform.

The technologies being used to create NFTs are also evolving. This includes the use of blockchain technology to store and transfer tokens, as well as the use of smart contracts to facilitate the trading of NFTs. Additionally, the use of decentralized protocols such as IPFS and Ethereum is becoming increasingly popular.

Finally, the current market trends of the NFT space are worth noting. The most notable trend is the increasing demand for NFTs, which has caused a surge in the number of projects launching in the space. Additionally, the market is becoming increasingly competitive, as more projects are launching and attempting to capture market share.

NFT Market Trends

The NFT market is still in its early stages, but there are several trends that are emerging. One of the most notable trends is the increasing demand for NFTs, which is being driven by the growing popularity of digital art, collectibles, and gaming items. Additionally, the use of blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular, as it allows for the secure and transparent transfer of digital assets.

Furthermore, the use of decentralized protocols such as IPFS and Ethereum is becoming increasingly popular. This allows for the creation of NFTs that are immutable, meaning they can’t be changed or destroyed. Additionally, the use of smart contracts is becoming increasingly popular, as they allow for the automated trading of NFTs.

Finally, the market is becoming increasingly competitive, as more projects are launching and attempting to capture market share. This is driving the development of new and innovative projects, as well as the rise of more established projects.

Evaluating the Potential of Upcoming NFTs

In order to identify the most promising upcoming NFTs, we must first evaluate the potential of each project. This can be done by analyzing the team behind the project, the technology being used, the use cases, and the potential for adoption.

The team behind the project is an important factor to consider when evaluating the potential of an upcoming NFT. A strong team should be comprised of experienced professionals with a track record of success, as well as a clear vision for the project. Additionally, the team should be able to attract the necessary funding and resources to make the project a success.

The technology being used is also important, as it must be secure, efficient, and scalable. Additionally, the use cases of the NFT should be clearly defined and the potential for adoption should be analyzed. This will help to determine if the project is worth investing in.

NFT List of the Most Promising Upcoming NFTs

Now that we’ve analyzed the NFT market and evaluated the potential of upcoming NFTs, we can create a list of the most promising upcoming NFTs. Here are some of the most promising upcoming NFTs:

  • Axie Infinity: Axie Infinity is a collectible gaming platform that allows players to collect, battle, and trade digital creatures. It is powered by Ethereum and uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent each creature.
  • Decentraland: Decentraland is a virtual world powered by Ethereum that allows users to create, experience, and monetize digital assets. It is powered by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent virtual real estate and in-game items.
  • Enjin: Enjin is a gaming platform that allows users to create, manage, and trade digital assets. It is powered by Ethereum and uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent in-game items.
  • Immutable X: Immutable X is a decentralized platform that allows users to securely store, trade, and manage digital assets. It is powered by Ethereum and uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent digital assets.
  • OpenSea: OpenSea is a marketplace for buying, selling, and trading digital assets. It is powered by Ethereum and uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent digital assets.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Upcoming NFT

When choosing an upcoming NFT, there are several factors to consider. The most important factor is the team behind the project, as a strong team should be comprised of experienced professionals with a track record of success. Additionally, the technology should be secure, efficient, and scalable, and the use cases should be clearly defined. Finally, the potential for adoption should be analyzed, as this will determine if the project is worth investing in.

Where to Buy Upcoming NFTs

Once you’ve identified the most promising upcoming NFTs, the next step is to purchase them. The most common way to buy upcoming NFTs is through decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and Kyber Network. These exchanges allow users to purchase NFTs with Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, some projects may offer their own token sale or pre-sale.

Strategies for Investing in Upcoming NFTs

When investing in upcoming NFTs, it’s important to have a well-thought-out strategy. The most important factor is to diversify your portfolio, as this will help to minimize risk and maximize returns. Additionally, it’s important to do your research and evaluate the team, technology, use cases, and potential for adoption. Finally, it’s important to be patient and only invest what you can afford to lose.


The world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is an ever-evolving landscape that is constantly introducing new projects and opportunities for investment. To stay ahead of the curve, it is essential for investors to identify the most promising upcoming NFTs. In this blog post, we’ve explored the most promising upcoming NFTs, analyzed the NFT market, evaluated the potential of upcoming NFTs, and provided a list of the most promising upcoming NFTs. We’ve also provided some tips for choosing an upcoming NFT and strategies for investing in them. By following these tips, investors can ensure that they are making informed decisions and investing in the best NFTs.

Jan 16, 2023
By Adam
What are NFT Royalties? Here's What You Need to Know

What are NFT Royalties? Here's What You Need to Know

Non-fungible token (NFT) royalties are an important part of the blockchain ecosystem. Many people don’t know what NFTs are or how they work, but that doesn’t change the fact that these tokens are a major force in the industry. In this article, we’ll look at NFTs, non-fungible token royalty systems, and why you should care about them.

How do NFT royalties work?

NFTs are digital assets that are unique and owned by individuals. The tokens can be used as trading cards, digital art, digital collectibles, and more. NFTs can be traded and exchanged on the blockchain, and they can have unique attributes attached to them. These attributes typically relate to ownership. For example, an artist can create a digital painting and then use a royalty to tie the ownership of the painting to a blockchain token. If someone then buys the digital painting, they also gain the right to own the token. This is how NFT royalties work because the token acts as proof of ownership for that specific painting. You can think of it as owning a share of the painting.

Why are NFT royalties important?

NFT royalties are important because they add value to blockchain ecosystems. Artists and creators can use them to tie their work to blockchain tokens. These tokens can then be traded and used in the marketplace. Not only does this add value to the blockchain ecosystem, but it also helps artists and creators get paid for their work. People can buy tokens that represent their ownership in works of art. This means that artists can get paid when their work is sold. It also means that people get to enjoy art and other digital goods while also receiving tokenized proof of ownership.

How will NFT royalty systems operate in the future?

Because NFTs are digital assets, they can be programmed with certain functions. This means that they can have unique attributes and functions that the owner can use and control. For example, artists can program their digital art tokens to self-destruct once they are sold. This would prevent the token from being sold more than once. Other royalty systems could be programmed to allow for partial ownership. This would be great for allowing investors to participate in an artist’s work without having full ownership of the art itself. There are many ways that NFT royalty systems could operate in the future. They could work to improve the efficiency of the art industry, and they could also be used to protect artists’ rights.

Why You Should Care About NFT Royalties

As we’ve seen, NFT royalties are an important part of the blockchain ecosystem. They can help artists and creators get paid for their work, and they can also be used to protect their rights. If you like art and want to support artists, then you should care about NFT royalties. It’s not just artists that can benefit from these types of tokens, though. Collectors can also enjoy owning unique tokens that represent their ownership to pieces of digital art. That’s why everyone should care about NFT royalties. If you like art at all, then you’ll like these tokens.

Final Words: What is the future of NFT Royalties?

The future of NFT royalties is looking bright. This is because the tokens can be used for more than just art. Artists can create digital goods like paintings, music, books, and other creative works and tie them to blockchain tokens. This will allow them to get paid for their work and to protect their rights. NFTs can also be used for more than just ownership. They can also be used for voting and for governance. These are just a few examples of what NFTs can do in the future. There are many other uses for these tokens, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Oct 19, 2022
By NFT-List
Top Tier Athletes And Their Involvement In NFT World

Top Tier Athletes And Their Involvement In NFT World

Many parents support the idea of their offspring becoming athletes and sports stars. When asking a child about their career aspirations, becoming a sports star would top the list. Though reaching the pinnacle is difficult, it is one of the best careers in the world. The attraction to sports is the players' financial gain and adulation. Anyone who reaches the top of any sport will become financially free. Furthermore, players from the most popular sports are celebrities on par with actors and famous businesspeople.

The vast sums involved in sports are due to the massive interest and demand from the general public. People love sports and are willing to pay enormous money to watch sporting events. Due to the fascination, businesses not involved with sports pay massive advertising fees to become associated with the sport. There are many sports, from golf, martial arts, cycling, and racket sports to track and field events. It is an endless list.

However, some sports have better earning potential than others. Sports such as soccer, football, basketball, golf, and tennis are some lucrative sporting activities. Anyone who reaches the pinnacle in these activities will easily earn millions of dollars. There are few sports stars whose fortunes run into billions. Earnings are not limited to the salary received from the clubs. Top sports stars can accumulate wealth through endorsements, sponsorship deals, and payments from their clubs. The massive earnings are due to the player's skill set combined with their popularity. A famous, well-loved star will command the highest salaries.

Investment Options For Sport Stars

Like all wealthy people, sports stars invest their income; they use their finance to buy more wealth. It makes zero sense for money to sit idle in bank accounts. Investments take all kinds of forms. From starting their own business, investing in other companies to involvement in financial markets are some of the popular forms of investments. Cryptocurrencies and their associated technologies have become mainstream in the last few years. The portfolio of many wealthy people, including sports stars, usually has some investment in this arena.

Investing In NFTs

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are one way to invest in cryptocurrency technologies. This field has attracted many sports stars. Some famous sports stars who hold NFTs include Stephen Curry, Serena Williams, Shaquille O'Neal, and Neymar Jr. These are just a few of the hundreds of sports stars who have become involved with NFTs.

NFTs, with their cartoon art representation, appear fun and appeal to the younger generation. Given that the sports star demographic is of the lower age bracket, it makes perfect sense for these people to invest in NFTs. Owning NFTs can help market sports stars and their brands. Becoming associated with a popular NFT collection will increase the media coverage received. For example, if an athlete buys a blue-chip NFT such as the Board Ape Yacht Club, the news will be seen on all major outlets and social media channels. This is a win-win situation for both the project and the athlete.

The more an athlete is featured in the popular media, the more it enhances their prominence. It allows them to demand more outstanding salaries and endorsements. The involvement of top-tier athletes will help drive up the price of the NFT, a good situation for the NFT project. Additionally, NFTs are an investment opportunity. Though buying NFTs is highly speculative, there is an excellent chance that blue-chip projects will see a price rise. Top-tier NFT projects such as BAYC and Azuki continue to see a price increase.

NFTs can help well-known athletes connect with their fans. The trend is for athletes to buy NFTs from significant projects to date. There will be a more significant number of athletes who will release their own NFT collections. It offers the athlete a way to bond with fans in new and innovative ways.

Holders gain the opportunity to meet the star or receive merchandise. This helps to solidify the relationship; it will lead the fans to become even more interested in the athlete's brand and helps to foster a community of fans in ways never seen before. There is also a financial benefit for the fans. Owning the NFTs of a sports star, the fan can sell these assets. Previously the relationship has been a one-way street; the athlete benefited from fans without much reciprocity.

If the perceived value of the star is on the rise, the price of the NFT will increase. It offers the opportunity for the holder to sell their NFTs for a profit.  NFTs open up all manner of possibilities in the world of sports. Sporting clubs can sell NFTs, which will offer their fans the opportunity to gain merchandise, special ticket allocation, or vote on club governance. NFTs are relatively novel, but there is no doubt that this is a field that opens up opportunities never seen before in the world of sports.


Apr 9, 2022