The Normies

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The Normies

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The year is 2030 and Normies are taking over the metaverse, It is your mission to convert as many Normies as possible into Degens and other freaks. Welcome to the Normies, a project that live in the ETH blockchain. Join us and get access to a myriad of exclusive events such as NFT claims, freebies, community giveaways, and much more.


Normies style is strongly influenced by Spider-Verse movie comic style.


Our Roadmap is dead simple: Your first Normies NFT is the key to multiple NFTs by various artists, including a 3D character. Is like having an avatar with a big wardrobe.

How much it cost to mint the inital character?

You pay 0.04ETH for the initial character

What is the utility of this project?

Owning a Normie will give you voting rights to decide what artists will be creating future Normie Evolutions (DAO voting), Normies Team will also help any holder with their own projects (Building or Promoting).

Who owns the IP?

The token holder


This project is full of surprises and easter eggs, including cool temporary tattoos and multiple dynamics that will be revealed in the near future and of course FREE NFTs!!! (Check our website for more details)




Drop Date:

February 11, 2022