Ron English — Ukraine Relief Project

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Ron English — Ukraine Relief Project

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Net Proceeds from two Ron English drops will benefit the Red Cross and their Ukraine refugee relief efforts. For the past few weeks we have seen reports of death, injury and separated families, along with damage to homes and other infrastructure in the country.

More than two million people have left the country according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and many more thousands are displaced from their homes within Ukraine.

The humanitarian situation caused by the ongoing conflict is increasingly desperate, with hundreds of thousands of people without food, water, heat or medical care.

The Red Cross is part of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), which unites 15 member charities who are experts in humanitarian aid and specialists in different areas of disaster response.

The DEC launches appeals during times of monumental suffering, which is the case in Ukraine right now.

Latest Updates on Ground Operations

Around 4,000 Ukrainian Red Cross volunteers are reaching as many people as possible, distributing 90,000 food and hygiene parcels so far, and helping evacuate people with disabilities. On Sunday 6th March, volunteers were able to help evacuate people in Irpin and its surrounding areas, alongside local authorities and police.

The Ukrainian Red Cross has also provided food, warm clothing and other aid to around 7,000 people sheltering in metro stations. They are also providing first aid, and have done first aid training for more than 12,000 people in metro stations and bomb shelters.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is working to provide water and repair water infrastructure especially in areas in the east, where water supplies have been disrupted. They have set up water points and delivered water to villages and hospitals.

Ron English — Ukraine Relief Project

VeVe and Ron English are partnering on two digital collectible drops benefiting humanitarian efforts for Ukraine refugees.

All net proceeds from the first sale of each piece (after applicable digital sales taxes, Apple and Google platform fees) will be donated to the New Zealand Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross for Ukraine refugee relief.

You can also help support the humanitarian effort by donating to the New Zealand Red Cross’ Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal today.

Grade School Guernica 2022

Ron English is well-known for his many interpretations of Picasso’s Guernica, having created over a hundred images that reference the original to describe the dynamics of endless cycles of destruction and the gratuitous horror of modern war.

English’s creation “Grade School Guernica 2022” places the action within a schoolyard carnival, with children as both the bomber pilot and the terrified civilians. Overlaid with the colors of the Ukrainian flag, the image demands that we not look away from the true victims of all war: children.

In partnership with VeVe, Ron English presents this special digital print with all net proceeds going to the New Zealand Red Cross for Ukrainian refugee relief.

Drop Date: 12 March 2022 8 AM PT
List Price: 100.00
Editions: 4,444
Edition Type: First Edition
Rarity: Secret Rare
License: Ron English
Brand: Ukraine Relief Project
Series: Grade School Guernica
Available: Globally


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