Quantum Landscapes

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Quantum Landscapes

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About the creator

Fran Rodríguez is a digital artist based in Barcelona. Since he was a child he was attracted by surrealism and psychedelia. He experimented with painting and graphic design in his teenage years until he discovered digital collage, the medium that has led him to become one of the main names in the international collage scene. He has been working as a freelance artist for almost twenty years, currently focusing on his more personal projects and creating album covers for international bands such as Tame Impala, Weezer or Twin Shadow, and all the big names in Spanish music.

About the drop

The mind is a quantum machine capable of moving you to any point in spacetime. You just have to concentrate hard enough. Forget about worries, forget about other people. Artist Fran Rodriguez invites you to join him on a quantum journey to the back of your mind. To the bottom of the universe, where the light turns around. These NFT's are a window to the possible worlds you can glimpse.



Drop Date:

December 20, 2021