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  • NBA All-Star Standard Packs drop Thursday, March 10th at 12pm PST
  • Featuring sets and Moments across all rarity tiers, including new Moments from the 2022 All-Star Game and the second release of Fresh Threads
  • 29,400 packs for sale at $19 each
  • 1 General Queue with purchase limits per transaction based on Collector Score
  • Every pack includes 4 Moments. 3 guaranteed to be Series 3 Base Set with the 4th Moment being from the Common, Common LE, Rare, or Legendary tier

What's In The Pack:

  • Pack Contents coming soon
  • Common:
  • Series 3 Base Set Moments with Edition Sizes ranging from 4,000 to 60,000+
  • Fresh Threads Set, featuring players debuting with their new teams for the first time on Top Shot, including Caris LeVert, Cam Reddish and Domantas Sabonis. Each Fresh Threads Moment is minted to a #/11,111 Edition Size
  • Rare:
  • 2022 NBA All-Star Game, including a windmill dunk from Joel Embiid, lefty alley-oop from Devin Booker, and other unreal highlights from Jayson Tatum, LaMelo Ball and Darius Garland, for starters. Each Rare Moment is minted to a #/2022 Edition Size
  • Legendary:
  • Our flagship Legendary set, Holo Icon, includes some of the most incredible Moments from the 2021-22 season, with each Moment limited to just 99 that will ever be produced.

NBA All-Star Standard Pack Facts:

Packs: 29,400 for sale

Price: $19

Number of Moments per pack: 4

Edition Sizes of Moments in packs: Three guaranteed Base Set Moments with variable 4,000-60,000 CC+ editions and one Moment from the four possible sets:

  • #/99 LE Holo Icon
  • #/2,022 LE 2022 All-Star Game
  • #/11,111 LE for Fresh Threads
  • #/4,000-60,000 for Base Set Series 3

Number of Queues: 1

  • General Queue:
  • Time:12pm PST
  • Collector Score Requirement: 0
  • Including Drop Bonus of 1 point/$1 spent on Moments currently owned + 100 point Favorite Team Bonus
  • Purchase limits:
  • 0 Collector Score: 2 packs
  • 1,000+ Collector Score: 3 Packs
  • 3,000+ Collector Score: 4 Packs
  • 5,000+ Collector Score: 5 Packs
  • Number of Packs for Sale: 29,400
  • You are limited on the amount of packs you can purchase per transaction based on Drop Score. You can have multiple transactions as long as supplies lasts.

Airdrops: Snapshot was taken at 9am PST on March 1st, 2022.

  • 1 pack for every complete set of:
  • Base Set (Series 1)
  • Base Set (Series 2)
  • Base Set (Series 3)
  • Fresh Threads (Series 3)




Drop Date:

March 10, 2022