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There are certain snapshots from NBA history that transcend time and place, forever etched into our memories. When Vince Carter took a bounce pass from his Toronto Raptors teammate (and cousin), Tracy McGrady, and put it through his legs for a massive dunk, mouthing “it’s over” to the camera, an instant classic was born.

Fast Facts:

  • NBA All-Star Elite Packs drop Thursday, February 17th at 10am PST
  • These packs include the opportunity to pull one of the most important dunks in NBA history
  • Featuring sets and Moments across all rarity tiers, including a brand new set, NBA All-Star Classics featuring iconic Moments from the 2000 All-Star Game in Oakland, CA
  • 18,500 packs for sale at $49 each
  • 1 General Queue with purchase limits per transaction based on Collector Score
  • Every pack includes 5 Moments. 4 guaranteed to be Series 3 Base Set with the 5th Moment being from the Common LE, Rare, or Legendary tier

What's In The Pack:

  • Common:
  • Series 3 Base Set Moments with Edition Sizes ranging from 4,000 to 60,000+
  • Rising Stars LE Set, featuring the NBA's top rookies and sophomores, with each Moment limited to just 17,500
  • Rare:
  • Metallic Gold LE, our flagship Rare set, with each Moment limited to just 749 in existence
  • Legendary:
  • A new set, NBA All-Star Classics, featuring iconic Moments from past All-Stars. Our release for Series 3 will be all about the 2000 All-Star Game in Oakland, CA. Each Moment limited to just 50 in existence

NBA All-Star Elite Pack Facts:

Packs: 18,500

Price: $49

Number of Moments per pack: 5

Edition Sizes of Moments in packs: Four guaranteed Base Set Moments with variable 4,000-60,000 CC+ editions and one Moment from the three possible sets:

  • #/50 for NBA All-Star Classics
  • #/749 LE for Metallic Gold LE
  • #/17,500 LE for Rising Stars

Number of Queues: 1

  • General Queue:
  • Time: 10am PST
  • Collector Score Requirement: 9,000
  • Including drop bonus of 1 point/$1 spent on Moments currently owned + 100 point Favorite Team Bonus
  • Purchase limits:
  • 9,000+ Collector Score: 1 pack
  • 27,500+ Collector Score: 2 Packs
  • 55,000+ Collector Score: 3 Packs
  • 110,000+ Collector Score: 4 packs
  • Number of Packs for Sale: 18,500
  • You are limited on the amount of packs you can purchase per transaction based on Drop Score. You can have multiple transactions as long as supplies lasts.

Airdrops: Snapshot was taken at 9:10am PST on February 15, 2022.

  • 1 pack for every complete set of:
  • MGLE (Series 1)
  • MGLE (Series 2)
  • Rising Stars (Series 2)
  • 2021 All-Star Game (Series 2)
  • Run It Back (Series 1)
  • Run It Back 2005-06 (Summer 2021)




Drop Date:

February 16, 2022