Marvel Digital Comics — Amazing Spider-Man #798

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Marvel Digital Comics — Amazing Spider-Man #798

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Amazing Spider-Man #798

The First Appearance of the Red Goblin! Norman Osborn is exacting his ultimate revenge not only on Spider-Man, but on everyone the wall-crawler loves! He’s offering NO QUARTER, an ultimatum that threatens to finish Peter Parker once and for all!

Drop Date: 11 January 2022, 8 AM PT
List Price: 6.99
License: Marvel
Published: 2018
Cover Variants: 5
Total Editions: 30,000

COMMON — Classic Cover: 21,000
UNCOMMON — Vintage Variant: 5,000
RARE — Hero Variant: 2,350
ULTRA RARE — Vibranium Variant: 1,050
SECRET RARE — True Believer Variant: 600
Available: Globally

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Drop Date:

January 11, 2022