Disney Golden Moments (Valentine’s Day)

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Disney Golden Moments (Valentine’s Day)

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The Disney Golden Moments collection features some of Disney’s most beloved characters and icons. Appearing in all-gold, these Valentine’s Day Golden Moments statues are a very special addition to any collector’s showroom.

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Donald Duck and Daisy Duck — Crazy Over Daisy

Everyone’s favorite feathered friend made his first appearance on screen in 1934, but he did not encounter the fun-loving and fabulous Daisy until her debut in the 1940 Walt Disney Animation Studios short, Mr. Duck Steps Out. This charming 3D Disney Golden Moments collectible captures the enduring affection Donald and Daisy have had for one another over a lifetime of adventures.

Drop Date: 14 February, 12 PM PT

List Price: 60.00

Editions: 13,333

Edition Type: First Appearance

Rarity: Common

License: Disney

Brand: Golden Moments

Series: Valentine’s Day

Available: Globally


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Immutable X

Drop Date:

February 14, 2022