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Masquerade Club
Masquerade Club
A Private Collection of 10,000 MASQ🎭 NFTs each with their own unique characteristics living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your MASQ acts as your membership to the Masquerade Club, and gives you exclusive access to member’s only Merch, Airdrops, Masquerade Club metaverse, upcoming Events, and much more. 10% >>> The Community. Create our own circle. - Launch Twitter. - Launch Discord. - Launch Website. ( In Progress ) 20% >>> Mint 10.000 MASQ. - Secondary Market Listing (Opensea) - Verified Holder Channels in Discord. - Rarity.Tools Listing. 40% >>> We release the hidden MASQs. - 5 hidden MASQs (tokens held back from the sale) are airdropped to random MASQholders. 60% >>> Become a Movement. - Member-Exclusive MASQ Merch Store gets unlocked, featuring Limited Edition tees, hoodies, and other goodies. 80% >>> Real Party and Metaverse Party for all Holders. - Our Club deserves benefits. Being a part of our club will give you exclusive access to music events & concerts on planet earth and metaverse. Our NFT MASQs will serve as a pass to great parties. If you have more than 1 nft, you have the possibility to have a more VIP rank of your entry to these parties. (Pending restrictions) We will consider associations of massive events, such as -> Defqon1 - Tomorrowland - Lollapalooza - UltraMusicFestival, among others. 90% >>> Create $MASQ token. - We will unlock rewards to our holders. 100% >>> Charity. - COMMUNITY is key to our art and it starts from the ground up, from the roots… We will donate to non-profit association(s) supporting youth in marginalized families through music and other kinds of arts. V2 - More in development for holders............ - Masquerade Club Special Edition. ( Coming Soon ) The official smart contract will be provided by our team on launch day in our Discord chat. This is not a Crypto Punk, Invisible Friends or Bored Ape Yacht Club but this MASQs will explode and vibrate in your heart. Cool art NFT collection!!!❤️‍🔥
Saudi Birds
Saudi Birds
5,555 Saudi Birds are MAX BIDDING. Every Saudi has its own bird. Pre-Sale: SOLDOUT Public Sale: July 30 at 21:00 UTC
Forbidden Kingdom Finally Event!
📢If you join our event, you will receive an NFT through a lottery. - Retweet - Like - Follow me!!! (YOU HAVE TO DO ALL OF THINGS) - Tag your friend (option....💦) I am begging you. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz🙏 Forbidden Kingdom Apple is an NFT project created by Project Pandora.Pre-sale starts on July 21st. The price is 3.99 SOL.And first public sale price is 4.99 SOL on August 10. Max supply is limited to 5000. The price that will never come back. Please visit NFT Story : Lilith stole one of the forbidden apples from the Garden of Eden before turning into a serpent. In addition to awakening the knowledge of good and evil, the forbidden fruit contained God’s power of creation that a whole new world could be created with it. After 432,000 years, the Garden of Eden disappeared, and only the long stolen forbidden apple remained as its last trace. As time passed, God realized that Lilith had stolen the forbidden fruit and sent down three angels to bring it back to him. After a battle with the three angels, Lilith used her last strength to seal the forbidden apple and poured all of her power into it to her own demise. The golden apple, as we also call it the absolute apple, contained both the divine power and Lilith's power. This meant that good and evil power were intermingled in it that even the three angels couldn't get rid of it. Ultimately, the three angels took the golden apple to God. But was it God's whim or God's grace? Instead of destroying the apple, God sealed Lilith's 4999 children in the form of apples, pushing all 5000 of them into eternal darkness…
No discord, no roadmap, just harpies, 10,000 harpies, they are fly and shit from the sky. Pre-sale: SOLDOUT Public Sale: Jule 17th, 12:00 UTC / 08:00 ET
Earth Adventurers - The Alpha
Welcome to the world's most creative blockchain community with 100% real-world utility! NFT COLLECTION: As a collection of 13,333 hand-drawn artworks by female artist, Azi. We aim to bring true real-world utility to all holders of our genesis NFT series. With 700+ unique accessories, and clothes, and with 6 main Earth Adventurer character bases. We aim to bring our vision and story of finding a deeper connection to ourselves, the Earth, and humanity through the creative love of art and expression on the Ethereum Blockchain. Also, don’t forget the Earth Adventurers Comic Book! We bring forth the connected reality space for Earth Adventurers, the story, the art, and the creative expression through the blockchain. NFT Website: UTILITY: Earth Adventurers NFTs give you access to the world's most creative blockchain community and are your best asset when it comes to utility! u can stake them within the Earth Adventurers ecosystem to get access to amazing offers, free crypto tokens, free events and so much more. All NFTs will be accessible through the application and website to enable true world membership and community-based connection.  Being a part of Earth Adventurers ecosystem, you can gain early-bird benefits and genesis-based rewards, as well as being able to say that you were part of building the world's most creative blockchain community, based on bringing real-world heart connection, and community to the whole of humanity. We have planned a giveaway for all holders of our genesis NFT series and so much more beyond the Roadmap that we will announce in the future. And much more is yet to be announced! Application Website: APPLICATION: The Earth Adventurers application incorporates our vision of providing a platform of change through connection and creativity within web3. This includes the Earth Adventurers Cryptocurrency, NFTs, Blockchain Wallet System, Animation Studio, EAAR, and so much more. We believe by creating experiences that others can partake in and connect with through the physical senses as a creator or as a user, will help to bridge the social dynamic gap in society on a physical level, and help to support people from all over the world. COMMUNITY Whitelist spaces are still available – come and join our Discord community! We hope to see you soon! The Earth Adventurers Team
CarnivoreZ NFT
CarnivoreZ NFT
Introducing: CarnivoreZ NFT CarnivoreZ are the most technologically advanced hybrid 3D NFTs. The collection is composed of a new hyper-dominant species ruling in the metaverse. All holders of the CarnivoreZ NFT will be automatically rewarded with the ecosystem token $MEAT. The $MEAT token unlocks a string of benefits as the roadmap unlocks. With this offering CarnivoreZ are integrated into an immersive story line that satisfies the appetite but leaves the imagination with a hunger for more. Don't miss out on CarnivoreZ, there's a lot at STEAK🥩!! ✅ Contract: Certik Audit ✅ Doxxed Team ✅ Utility 💻 Website: 🛣️ Road Map: - Project Development - Story Development - Monthly Auctions - Meat Market governed by the $MEAT Token Airdrop - Metaverse Integration
Wicked Wives Club
Wicked Wives Club
Meet Wicked Wives, Your Companion to Metaverse the adorable collectible series from PN Labs. Own, play and earn rewards with your companion. Wicked Wives Club is a collection of 9999 diverse, beautiful, and badass wives NFTs by notable artist PeterS. Each stroke was a hand-drawn labour of love that took months of planning to assemble. This is a chance to own a piece of her biggest and boldest art collection ever. ✴ 5% of all Primary and Secondary profits go to Womens Fund Asia Charity so that girls and women worldwide can gain access to education that will empower them to lead and make knowledge their weapon. ✴ Join a growing community united by the same dreams and get access to incredible benefits and services. Wicked Wives Club is the first NFT project that aspires to connect the Metaverse and the real world. WWC allows you to really fulfil your most extravagant dreams.
Anim4rt is a collection of 10.000 bespoke NFTs directly leading to animal protection. 🦧 Through Anim4rt NFT, become an owner of a real rainforest. 🌲 Each ANIM4RT token will legally own 1/10000th part of the land we buy. 🌴 Your ANIM4RT NFT reflects the incredible diversity of nature that our planet has to offer. 🌎 By owning our ANIM4RT NFT you become a member of the ANIM4RT welfare association, where your vote will make you actively participate on all decisions made for preserving the wild species. One of the great benefits of being part of this adventure is, that royalties acquired will be redistributed to the ANIM4RT NFT holders quarterly. All holders will receive a yearly distribution of the benefits generated by the Carbon Credits. 💵 As we acquire more rainforest each Anim4rt NFT will automatically grow the amount of rainforests parts. The more forests we buy, the more blocks each NFT will own, increasing its value over time. Own an Anim4rt and save the planet!
Ostrich Squad
Ostrich Squad
A flourishing and inclusive community which raises awareness about Mental Health and promotes education, conversation, and support for everyone The project is aimed towards improving Mental Health awareness through metaverse communities and partnerships with leading Mental Health organisations Mental Health awareness has improved considerably over the past few years however communities have paid a lot of attention to raising awareness but fallen short on what to do about it It should not stop at simply promoting awareness as plans need to be made and steps need to be taken and this project aims to support those next steps ​Like many of us Ostriches bury their head in the sand and we need to help each to stop doing the same ourselves. We want to give people the option to use their Ostriches as a symbol that they don't want to bury their heads in the sand as they move around the Metaverse
SOL Killer Bunnies
SOL Killer Bunnies
👑 SOL Killer Bunnies is the No. 1 #Solana killer NFT collection of 6666 cute but deadly killer bunnies. If you love bunnies and horror, you will love SOL Killer Bunnies. Merchandising is available now for fans to get SKB T Shirts, bucket hat, hoodie, tote bag, yoga mat, pillow and many more will be added. New collections will be added in the future. P2E game info will be released closer to mid June 2022. Game will be based on exploration on Bunny Island, holders will be able to earn in game $SKBC token. There will be farming to earn Carrot for Energy, Looting for rare items and fighting bosses. Royalties breakdown. 40% goes to holders 10% goes to choice of charity 50% goes back to creator 🏆 Our mission is to save abandoned bunnies through our donations through bunny shelter charities. 10% of the sales proceed will be donated to a bunny shelters charity of choice by the community.
The Fluffle NFTs
The Fluffle NFTs
The Fluffles is the Official Collection of The Fluffle Land. Supply: 2,222 Mint Price : For Whitelist: 8 Matic For Public Price: 16 Matic Why you don't want to miss this collection? - Verified Smart Contract (0x1497b4B1CFaA967162ac57b8A6A0b4c3A9d47592) - Team Transparency - Injected a Lowest Gas Fee for every transaction - Legal Solidity Contract - Has Reveal Phase - 2 Phase Sales - Featured on large Platforms - Has Utilities - Team Transparency - RoadMap - Charity Fluffle land is a NFT metaverse and home of fluffles, bunnies, rabbits, and bun buns. Fluffle official is the main collection of fluffle land metaverse that has a 2,222 supply living in polygon blockchain. Our Project has a Roadmap, Website, Utility, Team Transparency, Secured and Verified Smart Contract and Big Social Media Platforms.
We wanted more with our NFTs and had an idea that we should try to encourage people to give more to important organizations. Therefore, to get “signed” into our whitelist you are encouraged to donate a optional small contribution to the eco-friendly organization Greenpeace. We are not associated with Greta Thunberg or Greenpeace, but we like the idea of 6000 unique MetaGreta’s in the metaverse protecting the earth, encouraging and being a character with different traits. Greenpeace as organization is chosen for it views on climate change, deforestation, overfishing, commercial whaling, genetic engineering, and anti-nuclear issues. We will also each month donate to Greenpeace through royalties earned by minted and sold NFT’s . Technical details: Our NFT’s are on the Ethereum blockchain as a unique, non-fungible token (NFT) made up out of a unique combination of traits and underlying “DNAs”.
The Chronibblers
The Chronibblers
90s themed 170 traits, 11 Layer 6k Collection, 75 Ada per NFT. No whitelist. 
 The Chronibblers are a bunch of hares, accidentally landing in todays world from the 90s. If you were born or grew up during the 90s, the nostalgia factor of the collection will hit you good. 
 Owning a Chronibbler NFT makes you part of the mysterious spacetime journey as the story unfolds in airdrops, special mints and real life merchandise. Also you will be eligible to participate in regular polls, deciding which charities will receive donations from our royalties. 
We have a lot surprises planned for holders, time matters! Our Project focuses on sustainability – both online and offline. That is why we chose the Cardano blockchain and aim to become a single stakepool operator to improve decentralization of the network. We post daily new content and sneak peaks. Follow us on Twitter @chronibblers to be up to date with most recent developments. Spice up your life joining the Chronibblers!
WeAreEqual NFT
WeAreEqual NFT
WeAreEqual is an NFT trying to make the world a better place. We are trying to promote Equality, Acceptance and Anti-Bullying through our unique 3D art. Our target is to build a strong community that fights together for our rights and for the values that our world should be represented by. Our royalties money will go on good cause organisations that are supporting our cause. We have already signed partnerships with other upcoming NFT projects and we are looking forward to expand our community as much as possible in order to promote our cause to the whole world. We truly believe in ourselves and our opinions because Equality and Acceptance are not negotiable. Our art is unique and we are trying to help the audience to find at least one of our character in which he/she feels represented by.
Wicked Pirate Bone Crew
The Wicked Pirate Bone Crew is a collection of 9,999 mischievous pirates cruising the oceans of the Ethereum blockhain. We are a community-driven brand for voyagers and explorers ✨. Built with utility & community at the foundation, it is our mission to facilitate exploration into uncharted territory within both the web3 and physical worlds. By becoming a member of the Wicked Pirate Bone Crew, you secure a mint pass for any future projects, commercial rights over your NFT, access to the exclusive Treasure-Cove Discord channel, access to exclusive merchandise alongside raffles & giveaways, engagement in the creation process for our 4-Panel comics, involvement in the Metaverse integration of this project and access to the DAO-managed treasury, where the community will hold meetings and discuss ways to grow our brand. A staking mechanism and a utility token will also be implemented for NFT holders, to bolster the Wicked Pirate Bone ecosystem and introduce advanced tokenomics. This will ensure that further value is driven to the holders of Wicked Pirate NFTs and the project as a whole. You will also be helping advance and fund marine conservation efforts. We will be donating up to 25 ETH from primary sales to the charity of the community’s choice. Join us in our exciting journey as we establish a medium for meaningful connection, collaboration and adventure.

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Top Tier Athletes And Their Involvement In NFT World

Top Tier Athletes And Their Involvement In NFT World

Many parents support the idea of their offspring becoming athletes and sports stars. When asking a child about their career aspirations, becoming a sports star would top the list. Though reaching the pinnacle is difficult, it is one of the best careers in the world. The attraction to sports is the players' financial gain and adulation. Anyone who reaches the top of any sport will become financially free. Furthermore, players from the most popular sports are celebrities on par with actors and famous businesspeople.

The vast sums involved in sports are due to the massive interest and demand from the general public. People love sports and are willing to pay enormous money to watch sporting events. Due to the fascination, businesses not involved with sports pay massive advertising fees to become associated with the sport. There are many sports, from golf, martial arts, cycling, and racket sports to track and field events. It is an endless list.

However, some sports have better earning potential than others. Sports such as soccer, football, basketball, golf, and tennis are some lucrative sporting activities. Anyone who reaches the pinnacle in these activities will easily earn millions of dollars. There are few sports stars whose fortunes run into billions. Earnings are not limited to the salary received from the clubs. Top sports stars can accumulate wealth through endorsements, sponsorship deals, and payments from their clubs. The massive earnings are due to the player's skill set combined with their popularity. A famous, well-loved star will command the highest salaries.

Investment Options For Sport Stars

Like all wealthy people, sports stars invest their income; they use their finance to buy more wealth. It makes zero sense for money to sit idle in bank accounts. Investments take all kinds of forms. From starting their own business, investing in other companies to involvement in financial markets are some of the popular forms of investments. Cryptocurrencies and their associated technologies have become mainstream in the last few years. The portfolio of many wealthy people, including sports stars, usually has some investment in this arena.

Investing In NFTs

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are one way to invest in cryptocurrency technologies. This field has attracted many sports stars. Some famous sports stars who hold NFTs include Stephen Curry, Serena Williams, Shaquille O'Neal, and Neymar Jr. These are just a few of the hundreds of sports stars who have become involved with NFTs.

NFTs, with their cartoon art representation, appear fun and appeal to the younger generation. Given that the sports star demographic is of the lower age bracket, it makes perfect sense for these people to invest in NFTs. Owning NFTs can help market sports stars and their brands. Becoming associated with a popular NFT collection will increase the media coverage received. For example, if an athlete buys a blue-chip NFT such as the Board Ape Yacht Club, the news will be seen on all major outlets and social media channels. This is a win-win situation for both the project and the athlete.

The more an athlete is featured in the popular media, the more it enhances their prominence. It allows them to demand more outstanding salaries and endorsements. The involvement of top-tier athletes will help drive up the price of the NFT, a good situation for the NFT project. Additionally, NFTs are an investment opportunity. Though buying NFTs is highly speculative, there is an excellent chance that blue-chip projects will see a price rise. Top-tier NFT projects such as BAYC and Azuki continue to see a price increase.

NFTs can help well-known athletes connect with their fans. The trend is for athletes to buy NFTs from significant projects to date. There will be a more significant number of athletes who will release their own NFT collections. It offers the athlete a way to bond with fans in new and innovative ways.

Holders gain the opportunity to meet the star or receive merchandise. This helps to solidify the relationship; it will lead the fans to become even more interested in the athlete's brand and helps to foster a community of fans in ways never seen before. There is also a financial benefit for the fans. Owning the NFTs of a sports star, the fan can sell these assets. Previously the relationship has been a one-way street; the athlete benefited from fans without much reciprocity.

If the perceived value of the star is on the rise, the price of the NFT will increase. It offers the opportunity for the holder to sell their NFTs for a profit.  NFTs open up all manner of possibilities in the world of sports. Sporting clubs can sell NFTs, which will offer their fans the opportunity to gain merchandise, special ticket allocation, or vote on club governance. NFTs are relatively novel, but there is no doubt that this is a field that opens up opportunities never seen before in the world of sports.


Apr 9, 2022
The Importance Of The Founder In NFT Projects

The Importance Of The Founder In NFT Projects

People who've followed NFTs for some time are aware of these essential considerations when buying NFTs.  Many new members of the NFT community overlook this critical aspect.

Many newbies buy NFTs without much consideration. The usual pattern is for people to hear about NFTs, find the NFT community on Social Media platforms such as Twitter, and become part of the Discord servers of various projects.

A busy server and quality artwork ensure the newbie becomes involved in the community. It leads to the person minting the NFT on launch.

Following the mint, it's common to see the price of the NFT fall in value. After a few months, the founders neglect the project, and the holders find themselves with an NFT with little value.

Since this neglect has been the standard pattern seen throughout 2021, most NFTs on the secondary market are worth less than the price paid on launch.

There have been numerous cash grabs. The founders make six figures from the NFT project, but the investors have a losing asset.

The success stories in the NFT space have received praise. For example, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is admired throughout the NFT community, and any NFT stories in the mainstream media feature the BAYC regularly.

For every successful project, there are far more failures.

Mistakes Made By More Experienced NFT Buyers.

After spending time in the NFT community, people become aware of the requirements of a good project. They commonly look for the following characteristics:

Doxxed Team. The team mustn't be anonymous. Anonymous groups are more prone to carry out rug pulls (where the founders close the project after launch). Investors have no idea of the identity of the founders. As a result, the groups can quickly abandon the project and scam the investors.

Great Community. There must be a sizable community behind the NFT project. People look at Social Media and Discord profiles to gauge the size of the community. Without a community, there is no one to buy the NFTs.

Good Artwork. Essential to ensure the artwork is high quality and in line with the current trends. For example, there is a great deal of admiration for the artwork by Doodles and Invisible Friends NFT projects.

Utilities. Projects need more than artwork to become a success. The only exception is if the NFTs are from an established artist such as Beeple, Banksy, or another artist with a big following in the traditional art world.

Projects without a well-established artist need to provide utilities in the form of Play To Earn games, events, staking possibilities, and more.

People seeking these factors in projects are better positioned than newbies. But many projects satisfying these conditions still fail to succeed, especially in this current climate where the NFT space is experiencing a bear market.

The Importance Of The Founder

The most critical factor in a project is the founder. Many investors entertain projects because the founder is well known. They could be a celebrity or an industry leader.

Unfortunately, many of these projects flounder in the long term. Shortly after mint, there is a pump in price. But a few months after the launch, the value has become less than the mint price.

The founders are not highly active in the project; they make no effort to immerse themselves in the community.

It leads people to conclude (probably correctly) the founders are not interested in the project. The community loses faith, sells their NFTs, and projects end up in the backwaters of the secondary market.

A successful project is one where the founder engages with the community. They should be active before and after the launch. Making themselves involved in the conversations on Discord and Ask Me Anything (AMA) or Twitter Space shows a genuine interest in the project.

An example of a successful project is VeeFriends by Gary Vee. The founder is always available. He is constantly talking about his projects on Social Media and does not go missing in action.


Wrapping Up

The most important consideration for any NFT collection is the founder, motives, and project vision.

Unfortunately, the NFT world has seen many cash grabs. The devs and the founders fail to take much interest following the launch.

The reality is that unless the NFT collection is by a genuine, highly established artist, the project starts after the launch.

The easy part is the stage up to the launch; it's the segment where the founders are raising capital to realize a vision. Making their promises become a reality involves hard work.

To date, in the NFT space, many founders are fond of the idea of raising capital. But dislike the effort to complete the project and make the utilities and the roadmap a reality.

Many experienced investors in the NFT community understand the situation and no longer mint NFTs easily. This is a contrasting situation to 2021, where people readily bought NFTs.

Perhaps this explains the current bear trend in the NFT world; sales volumes are significantly lower than the record-breaking numbers a few months ago.

For the investor, the best approach is to take a great deal of interest in the founder. Presenting evidence of interest by the founder ensures confidence in the community.

The involvement of a famous name does not guarantee long-term success.


Mar 31, 2022
Common NFT Scams: Identified

Common NFT Scams: Identified

Scams exist in many areas of life, defined as fraudulently obtaining money or goods from unsuspecting victims. 

The Internet is hugely beneficial for society and helps improve many people's lives. But it has led to criminals using it to defraud people—from phishing and fake shopping websites to dating scams. 

Cryptocurrencies use the Internet and are not exempt from scams. The anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies has made things easier for fraudsters. 

NFTs are an extension of cryptocurrencies and are an arena with frauds targeting newbies and the uninformed. Since this is a relatively new technology, most people have likely been victims of one form of scam or another.

What are some of the common NFT scams?

Rug Pulls

After a project launch, the founders exit the project with investors' funds. The founders close the assets associated with the project, such as the Discord server and Twitter account, and leave the scene. With the founders no longer involved and little trace of the project, the price of the NFTs decreases until it becomes worthless. The investors possess nothing more than NFT JPG images on the blockchain. 

The NFT space has been rife with these scams throughout 2021. As people become aware, these deceptions are becoming less common.

Anonymous founders carry out rug pulls; people have no idea of the real identity. Given the anonymity and lack of traceability with crypto wallets, it's a straightforward scam to perpetuate.

Cash Grabs 

This is rife in the NFT space. The founders of the project promise various developments for the project. 

After the launch, they fail to implement these promises. Over time, the value of the NFTs decreases, and the investors are left holding the bag. 

Nearly every NFT investor has been a victim of such activities. Such schemes are also known as a slow rug; the founders leave the project slowly. 

These schemes are difficult to classify as a fraud; the founders are in a position to kick their promises into the long grass. And many often come up with all manner of excuses why developments fail to progress. 

Pump And Dump 

This is where an individual or a group of people team up to buy large quantities of the cheapest NFTs in the collection (buying the floor price). 

They drive up the collection price, also known as "sweeping the floor" or "wash trading." After a significant price increase, the NFTs are sold for a profit, and the culprits exit the market. The value of the NFTs decreases, people are left with NFTs worth less than the price paid. 

The project founders are known to engage in such practices to drive up the price of their collection.

Project Impersonation

Fraudsters try to mimic real projects by creating websites and social media profiles with a similar appearance to the actual project. 

They aim to lure unsuspecting victims to a website and mint fake NFTs. The victim connects their wallet to mint an NFT, which turns out to be an empty file. 

Victims are targeted through direct messages or posting links in the comment section of Social Media platforms.

The problem has become rampant: fraudsters routinely hijack the real Discord server of a project, disabling the power of admins and moderators and placing links to direct members to a fake minting website. 

Customer Support Scams

This is a problem commonly seen on Discord and Telegram. Scammers contact through direct messages offering to help people mint NFTs or provide bonus airdrops.

As a customer service representative, the scammer tries to obtain wallet details such as passwords and the seed phrase. Using the information, fraudsters drain the funds from the wallet.

The problem is that NFT projects warn members not to engage in direct message conversations. Official members of staff have ceased contact with members directly through direct messages. 

Experienced people will not fall victim to such scams; newbies are the intended targets. 

Intellectual Property Theft And Fake Collections

There are projects known to take the artwork from talented artists and use it for their collection. Without agreements in place, this is a form of theft.

Projects using artwork from an artist without permission are a theme in the NFT community. 

On discovery, the reputation falls, and the value of the NFTs decline in price; it becomes a loss-making investment.

Some individuals take artwork from upcoming projects, load it to marketplaces such as Open Sea and aim to impersonate the actual project.

Buyers of these NFTs become victims of a scam.


Scams are common because the NFT market is new, with many new people entering the space. It allows fraudsters to exploit inexperience and vulnerabilities.

The best approach for a newbie is spending time in the NFT community, networking with others on platforms such as Discord, and becoming fully aware of the technology before major investment sprees.

Mar 24, 2022
Yuga Labs & Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Launch ApeCoin Tokens

Yuga Labs & Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Launch ApeCoin Tokens

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is the most iconic NFT collection; it's set the standard for others to follow. The nearest rival CryptoPunks, based on nothing more than artwork, was taken over by BAYC's creators, Yuga Labs, in March 2022. This acquisition has created the biggest juggernaut in the NFT world; no other project comes close in size.

BAYC 's success depends on its ability to evolve, pivot, and provide value to its holders. While many projects offer artwork and no more, BAYC has significantly contributed to the NFT world. They airdropped NFTs from other projects (such as Bored Ape Mutant Club and Bored Ape Kennel Club) to BAYC NFT owners, provided in-person events, and developed online games for its members. Yuga Labs allows the holders to use the NFT they own to create and sell merchandise.

 What is ApeCoin?

As part of this ability to grow, in March, Yuga Labs collaborated with the collective named ApeCoin DAO to drop ApeCoin ($APE) token.

ApeCoin acts as a digital currency in the same way as many other cryptocurrencies. People will be able to spend ApeCoins on upcoming products and services BAYC will offer, including the Play To Earn game launching in 2022. The hope is that ApeCoin may evolve beyond the BAYC ecosystem in the future.

There is a difference between Apecoin and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana are native coins derived from their perspective blockchain. Apecoin does not have its blockchain and resides on the Ethereum mainnet; it's considered a token rather than a coin.

ApeCoins are not too dissimilar to Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), the native governance token of the Axie Infinity network. Axie Infinity players can buy, sell and trade using Axie Infinity Shards.


A total of 1 billion ApeCoins were available; the allocation was as follows:

15% to the holders of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Bored Ape Mutant Club holders,

15% to Yuga Labs,

14% to the partners that helped launch the tokens,

8% to Yuga Labs founders,

1% to charitable events,

47% to ApeCoin DAO

ApeCoin DAO

ApeCoin DAO is part of the Ape Foundation, the governance behind the token. They have the power to manage the everyday running, project management, and bookkeeping of the token system. Holders of the ApeCoins and the DAO can dictate the ecosystem's future, thus making ApeCoin a decentralized system.

 ApeCoin DAO consists of leaders from the Social Media, gaming, and crypto space. These people include Alexis Ohanian (from Reddit), Amy Wu (from FTX), Dean Steinbeck (from Horizen Labs), Maaria Bajwa (from Sound Ventures), and Yat Siu (from Animoca Brands).

The BAYC project and Yuga Labs are separate entities from the ApeCoin DAO. If BAYC and Yuga Labs were closely connected, the project would come under the scrutiny of The Securities and Exchange Council of the United States. The Securities and Exchange Council is the government organization responsible for regulating Securities and protecting investors. To date, the organization has not focussed on NFT projects.


On launch, the price of ApeCoins started at almost $40 per token. During the day, the token fell to around $6 as people who received free tokens sold their share. A few days into the launch, the price of the ApeCoin sits at around $11. The vast market cap size has meant that ApeCoin is in the top 50 of all cryptocurrencies.

The token was available on all major exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, KuCoin, and FTX. It's unusual for new tokens to be widely known, but the popularity of the BAYC meant exchanges readily accepted ApeCoin onto their platform.

Original holders of BAYC NFTs were given 10,094 tokens for each NFT they held. This translates to nearly $400k at the price height and $60k near the bottom.

ApeCoins show that the Bored Ape Yacht Club project continually provides the holders with utilities. These utilities translate into social and financial gain. Unfortunately, the NFT space is riddled with scams and rug pulls. But Yuga Labs have set the blueprint for what makes a fantastic NFT project, an aspiration for other projects to follow.

No one can predict the price movement of digital currencies; there are no guarantees of price increases. The ecosystem created by Yuga Labs is continually expanding rapidly; it's probably a good bet to suggest ApeCoins are potentially a significant investment.

As always, do your own research before investing.





Mar 23, 2022