By Jax
January 26, 2022

NFT Games? What is a NFT Game?

NFT Games? What is a NFT Game?

Why Are NFT Games Trending?

When looking for NFTs to buy, investors don’t just look at the art itself. Most people who invest in big NFT collections, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Azuki, want the ability to use their NFT for a purpose. These are known as Utility NFTs. What are the perks and opportunities for the holders? What access can the NFTs provide? Those are the common questions serious investors ask before they invest in a collection.

Trending Now

Due to the popularity of the NFT space right now, we now have to deal with market congestion.   Without real purpose and utility, there are many projects that should not stand out in the space.

NFTs Are More Than Art Collections

Speaking of utilities, there are a number of projects in the NFT market where holders can use their NFTs to play games and participate in digital events. A few great examples are the leading NFTs: Bored Yacht Ape Club, and Azuki.

The Bored Yacht Ape Club, BAYC, for short, offers its holders access to its digital community or what they call the “swap club for apes.” The NFT collection, composed of 10,000 unique bored apes, provides holders member-only benefits and privileges. Within the club is a series of games that holders can also play.

On the one hand, Azuki has a different approach. Its NFT collection is composed of Manga-inspired characters and accessories.

According to the team, they “revived the Pokemon pack opening experience, attached backstory and lore to our NFT, and adopted them as our online personas.”
If you’re a fan of the Japanese Manga series, you will like the visuals and art Azuki represents. Aside from the art itself, the project revolves around the community, expanding their network through education, empowerment, and mobilization.

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NFT Games Are Led By The Community

One of the reasons why NFT games are trending is that it’s more about the community leading the development of such projects. This is one of the most significant developments in technology—the community can participate in the development of the projects they want to join rather than trying to keep up with what’s already developed.

In the gaming industry, game developers release new games frequently, making it impossible for the players to quickly adapt to the changes and updates. But thanks to more user-generated content, such as in the case of Roblox, the growing demand of the gaming community is satisfied.

Roblox is a stepping stone for the gaming industry to focus more on its community. However, NFT games present a whole new level of space where the community can lead the development of games. Since games are built on decentralized technology, they give the community the authority to decide on the project's future, especially if the NFT project allows early members to vote.

Blockchain Provides A Great Opportunity For Artists, Creators, and Developers

Decentralization is one of the greatest things that benefit artists, creators, and developers in the blockchain. Although the gaming industry is now turning into user-generated content, centralization is still not the best system for creators and developers to maximize their talent and profitability. User-generated content is only becoming a way for centralized gaming companies to solve their content issues.

So, how do the blockchain support artists, creators, and developers? The NFT space is a big place for talented creators to showcase their talent while providing the community with a great marketplace to earn. By allowing artists and creators to produce their digital art and minting them, the blockchain permits even small artists to put their creative pieces up for sale or auction. On the other hand, developers can establish a partnership with their chosen artists in the space.

Collaboration brings passive benefits for both sides, especially if they have their own established community. By combining networks, artists and developers are producing an expansive ecosystem that the community would be interested in.

Popular Celebrities Are On The Game

If there’s any other effective way to promote new projects in the NFT space, that is by influencer marketing. Popular celebrities are joining the bandwagon. In fact, Paris Hilton—a popular American media personality, went to Fallon Tonight and talked about NFTs. She also recently tweeted “I’m in a buying mood too” as a reply to @jf_nft’s tweet about buying NFTs.

Apart from Paris Hilton, Adidas 9gag and Twitter joined the “pfp” (profile picture) movement on Twitter. Adidas, with more than 4 million followers on Twitter, recently joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), while 9gag purchased a BAYC NFT too and teased its followers about dropping its collections too.

Meanwhile, Twitter changed its cover photo, saying “NFT pfp just feels right,” followed by a tweet “gm, looking for an nft pfp.” This recent tweet led to the increasing demand for some NFT collections, especially the ones that Twitter used as quick profile pictures.

With big companies, celebrities, and social media platforms entering the NFT space, the place is becoming popular, reaching more people who aren’t part of the market yet.

A Rewarding Place For Members

If you are a part of an NFT project, for example, BAYC, you are not only a holder of an ape avatar. You are a part of the club where you can use your avatar as access. Once you’re in that club, you can maximize your many privileges and benefits to earn more.

The same applies to other NFT games like Axie Infinity. With your Axie team, which are NFTs, you can play on the arena to earn SLPs. After accumulating enough SLPs, you can then sell or trade them to profit more. So, with your NFTs, you are hitting two birds with one stone—you are a holder of an Axie team that you can sell whenever you want, and, at the same time, you are earning SLPs in the game.

Top Popular NFT Games To Watch Out For

  1. Axie Infinity

If you’re looking for NFT games to profit more and experience the latest technology offered by blockchain, Axie Infinity might be a good game to join in. Last 2021, SLP’s all-time high was at $0.399727. This led to players being able to afford houses and cars. In the Philippines, an Axie player was reported to buy two houses from his in-game profits.

  1. Sorare

Sorare is also a popular game based on football. In this NFT game, players need to form a team based on their favorite players in real life. The rewards are based on the team's performance in real football games.

  1. The Sandbox

Another NFT game worth watching out for is The Sandbox. This game introduces a metaverse where players can make and trade digital assets. Players can monetize their voxel assets by listing them on the game’s marketplace. The Sandbox is somehow similar to Roblox and Minecraft. The main difference is that players earn cryptocurrencies, convertible to fiat currencies.

NFTs are indeed good collectibles if you believe in the future of blockchain and decentralization. By playing NFT games, you can maximize your crypto earnings and even participate in the future of the projects you are interested in.