By Steve
February 8, 2022

This revolutionary NFT marketplace is planning to list Gamespad NFTs on its platform.

This revolutionary NFT marketplace is planning to list Gamespad NFTs on its platform.

What is GamesPad?

"GamesPad" is an ecosystem that combines gaming, metaverse, and NFT. It is a comprehensive platform that assists gaming startups throughout the development process, from idea through execution and public debut. Its primary goal is to help budding gaming entrepreneurs by providing them with mentoring, coaching, and networking opportunities in the gaming and crypto space.
A highly skilled team of professionals created "GamesPad" and are bringing together decentralized VC, game incubator, marketplace, multichain launchpad, NFT aggregator, and significant gaming studio partnerships- all in one place. "GamesPad" will evolve dynamically with the rapidly advancing crypto market, thereby helping to provide the groundwork for a new generation of successful crypto-gaming enterprises. Additionally, "GamesPad" enables retail shoppers to participate in the future of crypto gaming as the industry's most strong initiatives are constructing it.

Gamespad NFTs on Liquidifty

GamesPad NFTs reflect the finest of this developing sector combining exclusive high-end art with tiered investment options to create a genuinely unique digital asset. When GamesPad's complete NFT collection sold out on the BullPerks launch platform for $4.5 million in an INO (initial NFT offer), the heavily hyped project witnessed a significant uptick in interest from the wider GameFi community.
Investing in crypto gaming initiatives that marketplaces like Liquidifty regard as key industry pillars are essential elements of the value of GamesPad NFTs give the ability to engage in the GamesPad ecosystem through elegant collectible art pieces. Involvement in GamesPad offers an investment in elevated blockchain gaming projects made possible by purchasing a GamesPad NFT.

For each GamesPad NFT, there is an assigned level of investment that comes with a distinct set of benefits. GamesPad is pleased to announce that their Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will be listed on Liquidifty, allowing them to spread their influence further and reach wider audiences in the cryptocurrency world.

About Liquidifty

Liquidifty is a cross-chain NFT platform that will increase the liquidity of the NFT market while also providing users with different use cases for all of the NFTs owned by them. It is the next generation NFT marketplace that offers a variety of tools for NFT collectors. Users can take advantage of these tools to boost their NFT prospects, such as a cross-chain oracle, taking loans with NFT collateral, and earning with NFT vaults, among other things.
Unique and various NFTs exist; while they are created on separate blockchains, they are also unique. However, there is one thing that all have in common: Value. Liquidifty assists the users in making use of this value.