By Jeremy
January 7, 2022

How to Make A Valuable NFT? What Makes NFT Valuable? How to Check Value of a NFT?

How to Make A Valuable NFT? What Makes NFT Valuable? How to Check Value of a NFT?

How to Make A Valuable NFT?

Did you create digital art due to the current NFT craze but have no idea how to make a valuable NFT? This article will explain all you need to know about how to create valuable NFTs. There are currently several digital collectibles worth millions in NFT marketplaces. Essentially, to get your art to be worth that much, you have to seek more knowledge than how to make expensive NFT. You can create a unique NFT collection and still be unable to sell it because it lacks important values. Please stick with us as we reveal other factors that contribute to the values of a non-fungible token. 

What Gives an NFT Value?

Before learning how to make a valuable non-fungible token, you must understand the elements that make it so. Without applying these factors, your endeavors may only frustrate you more. So, this trio is the elements that will make your efforts worthwhile: 

  • Rarity 
  • Consumer interest 
  • Influence 

How to Make Your NFT Valuable 

Some crypto enthusiasts believe that art being unique and "cool" is enough to make an NFT valuable – that can't be any further from the truth. The true connoisseurs know that besides NFTs being used as provenance for digital arts, they provide actual values. The pillars of NFT Value include: 

  1. RARITY 

To make your non-fungible tokens valuable, you should know how to make a rare NFT. Even NFT arts within the same collection should each have their specific traits. For instance, there are 10,000 distinctive Bored Ape NFTs in the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. Each Bored Ape NFT is specially designed with unique features and traits. These rarities play significant roles in why their prices have skyrocketed. 


There are two primary categories of NFTs connected with this value: game assets and tickets. The utility value of a non-fungible token is determined by its implementations. One of the most significant advantages of the utility value is that it indicates that your NFT will evolve. Thus, your asset has multiple applications now and in the future, thereby making it valuable to potential investors. 


Another factor of NFT value is provenance, which means the record of owners. In most cases where a non-fungible token has a long ownership history, it was typically created by famous brands or celebrities. You can buy NFT formerly owned by either and resell when convenient. Alternatively, partnering with either to create NFTs will go a long way in increasing the value.  


Another element that is key to improving the value of an NFT is liquidity. The worth of liquidity is directly proportional to that of the NFT. Therefore, when the liquidity increases, the price also increases. To determine network liquidity, consider these factors:

  • The size of the network
  • The number of transactions to hold 
  • The total liquidity of that system. 


An NFT's future value is determined by the future cash flow and fluctuations in the valuation. Supply scarcity and speculation are significant factors of valuation. Furthermore, the interest/royalties of the NFT's original owner are referred to as future cash flow. If you manage your non-fungible token properly, you can improve its value. 

In Conclusion, 

Understanding how to make a valuable NFT is a preliminary step you MUST take. It helps you ascertain that you will earn enough ROI from your investment. You don't want to release your next digital collectible without confirming that it has these essential values. So, get to work right away!