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DinoDoodles - Gen 3 (Previously Sold Out)Top Event Badge

We are proud to announce a new addition to the DinoPunks family... DinoDoodles!

A collection of 888 fun dinosaurs in a vibrant art-style for you to collect.

Launching on the Ethereum Network this January, DinoDoodles is an exciting new generation of dinosaurs with a fresh approach to adding value!

Our previous collections have sold out, so don't miss your chance to own your very own DinoDoodle NFT!

Flying SwordTop Event Badge
Flying Sword
About the creator Gian Galang is an NYC–based artist and illustrator. He has created artwork for clients including the UFC, Nike, Reebok, Vice, ESPN, HBO, Criterion and Everlast. His first solo show, The Art of Fighting, debuted at Gallery Nucleus in 2021. About the drop This is Gian Galang's genesis NFT collection showcasing the martial art of Wushu, featuring three "moving paintings" and three traditional full-color paintings. Each "moving painting" is generated from physical paintings, created with a combination of acrylic, charcoal and graphite. The traditional full-color artwork was painted with acrylic on canvas.
Hungry Hamster Club LAUNCHTop Event Badge
The Hungry Hamster Club is launching soon! [Digital x Physical Artworks] Be our holder to own sculptures, toys and other artworks that we will display in different cities. Hungry Hamster (HH) is a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn and generative NFTs munching on the Ethereum blockchain. A miniature embodiment of “biting off more than one can chew”, each greedy HH salivates over all things of desire by clinging to its half eaten avarice. Each HH, emblazoned in unique costumes and spirited with endearing quirks, is a one-of-a-kind visual narrative. HH plans to be represented over several mediums on and offline. We plan to produce toys and sculptures linked with their respective NFTs and we hope to have it displayed in major cities across the globe. Of course, NFT ownership for some of these art pieces would be exclusively offered to our HH Club members. Visit our website at for more information. As we are very new, please join our discord and expand the community together. Let's bring Art and NFTs to a higher level together!
Above OlympusTop Event Badge
Above Olympus
Official Discord Launch today Join the Above Olympus Community today! * Whitelist is open * Daily Giveaways on our Twitter * 3000 ADA Giveaway * Passive Income Every month * Ticket for next project * Metaverse access soon * Above Olympus Merchandise * Party in Mykonos/Paros/Athens with us
Ape Racing AcademyTop Event Badge
Ape Racing Academy
Ape Racing Academy is a great upcoming project looking to become the first Racing media of the Web3. They will be sponsoring athletes and sports events, launching a sport & techwear clothing brand where holders will get 100% of the profit. They also intend to build the first racing track of the Metaverse to use it like an IRL stadium where other NFT project could rent some ads during events to promote their project with all the funds going the community wallet as well. While ARA holders will be the ones able to play and participate in all the events for free, the track will be theirs.
Boxing JackassTop Event Badge
Boxing Jackass
Boxing Jackass is a Collection of up to 10,000 unique hand drawn NFTs. (1st drop of 250 NFTs) Boxing Jackass are humanoid donkeys boxing and fighting to be crowned World champion in Donkey land, the community will host boxing tournaments, where NFT holders of the Boxing Jackass will be entered automatically, holders will receive automatic passive income from the tournaments payouts. Join the Boxing Jackass family and get access to a myriad of exclusive events such as NFT claims, raffles, free sporting and events tickets, community giveaways and much more. Proceeds from the sale will be used to make the NFT avatar interoperable within the metaverse and host our boxing tournaments We have a strong road map and plans for the metaverse. We will also particpate in Charitable donations to give back to the community. A small portion of the proceeds will be donated to the St Judes Children hospital
UFOG'sTop Event Badge
Welcome to the Solaverse Handshake. 888 Animated Aliens searching to abduct as many creatures as they can. Buy a UFOG, become part of the DAO.
CroWolf - Join The Crolf PackTop Event Badge
CroWolf is a collection of 2,305 unique wolves that live on the Cronos Blockchain as a CRC-721 NFT. The full moon is upon us, join the pack, and let's holler at the moon. There are 16 different wolf personalities to choose from. Mint, and join a pack. Here are some features we will be releasing soon: 1. Integrated Marketplace 2. NFT Staking to receive $WOLF token 3. $WOLF token incentivized to grow $WOLF gang Mint now and become a part of the pack. We are stronger as a pack, don't be a lone wolf.
Pixel PoseTop Event Badge
Pixel Pose
The Pixel Pose NFT project is a collection of 100 unique Pixel Pose NFTs—pixel collectibles living on the Polygon Matic blockchain. These Pixels are trying to show all world’s cultures, movie characters, and games! Pixel Pose NFTs, we got an idea from pixel of Super Mario Bros. There is 1/1 only edition of all items Pixel Pose NFTs.
Dream Chasers NFTTop Event Badge
Dream Chasers NFT
Dream Chasers is a generative art NFT collection with 1111 pieces. We have created this collection to honor Kanye West and to attract a community of like-minded dreamers and creatives. Joey Malope, the artist and project owner, is based in South Africa, and his goal is to create an exclusive NFT project that will serve as a membership group to support new artists who are launching NFT projects.
VersifyTop Event Badge
Versify is a collection of 10,000 Keycards—unique digital collectibles living on the Solana blockchain. Your Versify membership card granting access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to the metaverse, a members only web browser game. Future perks will be unlocked by the community as we stroll past our roadmap.
Painted Birds 1Top Event Badge
Painted Birds 1
Premiere of the first illustration in a series of four, hand-painted birds - the great tit to mark the beginning of work on the new DAO - an organization buying up exclusive rights to publish artwork as NFTs. Collection of four beautiful watercolors depicting bird species: Great Tit, Kingfisher, Tawny Owl and Europen Green Wodpecker. The remaining three works will be mintable later this quarter.
Baby Flag PunkTop Event Badge
Baby Flag Punk
Baby Flag Punk is a collection of 200 unique NFTs that will allow you to play Flag Punk game. Every NFTs will consist of seven copies and each one lets you govern 1/7 proportion of that country's piece of land. You will lead these lands by playing different games which will be announced soon. Expand your borders and rule the world. Q: Where can I buy Baby Flag Punk? A: Baby Flag Punk will be available on Q: How many pieces will the collection be? A: 200 Unique Baby Flag Punks. Q: What BlockChain are these minted on? A: Ethereum. Q: When is launch? A: We are launching on 27 Dec 2021. Q: How much is a Baby Flag Punk? A: Each NFT is going to consist of 7 copies. The price will increase gradually and be between 0.03eth and 0.15eth. Opensea: Discord: Website: Twitter:
Safemoon Trading CardsTop Event Badge
216+ Safemoon Trading Cards. Inspired by Safemoon memes and thema, the fastest growing crypto to this day. Key points: • Minted on Polygon blockchain, no fees ! • Different supply for different rarity of card (30 to unique depending of rarity). • Cards are animated in 3D. • Different card release overtime, still with a limited supply each. • Popularity of Safemoon is bound to increase overtime, increasing the value of the collection with it. TO THE MOON !
Aai artsTop Event Badge
Aai arts
AI generated Art A unique and innovative NFT Collection generated by a computer. An artificial intelligence creates unique and unique images that sometimes look beautiful and sometimes have a frightening insight. Be ready...

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