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DinoDoodles - Gen 3 (Previously Sold Out)Top Event Badge

We are proud to announce a new addition to the DinoPunks family... DinoDoodles!

A collection of 888 fun dinosaurs in a vibrant art-style for you to collect.

Launching on the Ethereum Network this January, DinoDoodles is an exciting new generation of dinosaurs with a fresh approach to adding value!

Our previous collections have sold out, so don't miss your chance to own your very own DinoDoodle NFT!

PFP AnimalsTop Event Badge
PFP Animals
Are you looking for a cool NFT profile picture? Well, you are in the right place! MINT FOR 2 MATIC! CONTRACT VERIFIED PFP Animals is a collection of 8888 unique and varied NTFs There are 10 types of animals with 5 skins each These are: Cat 🐱 Dog 🐶 Chicken 🐥 Pig 🐷 Mouse 🐭 Ape 🐵 Fox 🦊 Penguin 🐧 Rabbit 🐰 Bear 🐻 Each animal has an exclusive skin 👀 Assets 50 skins / 18 Accessories / 17 Backgrounds / 7 Companions (Very Rare) / 40 Eyes / 42 Hats
Wild Lips NFTTop Event Badge
Wild Lips NFT
It all started in a healing infused painting session in 2014 using acrylic paints drawing out faces that bring about health, wellness, and peace/tranquility. Each painting rendition from there creates a vibe and mood. It has turned NFT to help the digital space around everyone to be carefully decorated and infused with the spirit of well-being and Wild Lips. An NFT Collection all starting with one real acrylic painting. Each NFT painting thereafter with different characteristics using AI and other computer features all stemming from an original canvas art piece. Each art piece represents different character traits, energy and overall vibe for your digital space in the Metaverse / NFT world - all Wild Lips. The Wild Lips collection will power the Wild Lips, Meditation Experience game in VR. This game revolves around awakening your own spirituality from within and within VR. Utilizing meditations and guided spiritual awakenings, we will awaken those that enter. Special NFTs will unlock special meditations & events that bring about next level awakenings. Each Wild Lips NFT created in the 2nd generation is infused with the original 6 NFT’s traits and skills that created different rare energies you can collect for your digital space. We will put our first generation on sale, RSVP below for details on the release.
blockCHAIN Collection - 1st edTop Event Badge
About the creator Jewelry cryptoART is a Brazilian Jewelry Designer born in Campinas - São Paulo, Brazil and based in Aix-les-Bains in France. Jewelry Designer, 3D modeler in architecture and design domain. Enthusiast of well-designed utility objects, passionate about modern architecture, new technologies, bent wood furniture, fine jewelry and music/dance. @atelieralves Atelier ALVES was recently featured on British VOGUE, TATLER and GQ Magazines. Exhibiting on Milano Jewelry Week on 2022. His goal is to bring his knowledge of creating Jewelry Art into the Blockchain. Because Design Never Ends. About the drop "blockCHAIN Collection" - This first drop brings to you 7 different cryptocurrencies in a jewelry block decoration with different chain styles. As a Jewelry Designer, when I hear the word Blockchain, it's impossible to don't have different ideas in mind for some Jewelry Art. Coin Giveaway This drop features 10 grand prize winners that will be selected at random from the primary market sale’s pool at the end of the drop. Each of the 10 winning collectors will receive $2000 USD of CRO. Only primary sale purchasers are eligible. Purchasing any collectible featured in this drop grants you an entry into the raffle Note: Please allow up to 14 business days for winners to be announced. Winners will receive an email at the email address associated with their NFT user profile.
Do BroTop Event Badge
Do Bro
Hi, his name Do Bro. His very kind, funny, communicative and very cool. Each Do Bro has its own Story. Do Bro lives in the Metaverse. Stories constantly happened to him.
Clash Of DragonZTop Event Badge
Clash Of DragonZ
7777 Hand-drawn DragonZ NFTs built around a Play-to-Earn game, including 12 iconic ones. 600+ different elements, the largest in the World. All elements are hand-drawn and show incredible details. The NFT's rarity and the family (fire, ice, earth, air, meta) will define specific powers, strengths and weaknesses of the character. Dragonz and their Master will battle for Supremacy in the Clash of Dragonz Arena. Players can monetize their gaming experiences through battle rewards using the game tokens.
Sharp BunniesTop Event Badge
Sharp Bunnies
Sharp Bunnies is a collection of 9999 programmatically generated unique bunny and egg images (artwork). Each Sharp Bunnies NFT has over 200+ attributes that make them different from each other. You can mint the NFTs on the official website of Sharp Bunnies and stake them to earn $LUCK. Other than that, NFT holders can also play exciting games on the Sharp Bunnies website to win $LUCK tokens. While Sharp Bunnies are non-fungible tokens, with a fixed limited number and each token different from another, $LUCK is your regular cryptocurrency and can be traded on exchanges. The value of Sharp Bunnies will depend on how rare it is and how much demand it has in the market. And for that of $LUCK, the value will depend on its market demand and popularity and will increase as more users buy and trade the token. Sharp Bunnies Top Features Top Features of Sharp Bunnies are as follows: Everyone is a Winner! Every single person who mints Sharp Bunnies NFT will also get a Lucky Egg. In other words, you receive two unique NFTs for the price of one. This makes sure that everyone, every buyer of Sharp Bunnies, is a winner. Play to Earn ($LUCK) Sharp Bunnies will hold a number of existing new games and Olympics-like events, which not only give you a chance to put your NFTs to use but also enable you to earn interesting rewards while doing so. All Sharp Bunnies holders can participate in the games and competitions and win & earn rewards, including cashbacks, tokens, and more. New games will be released every four months. Raffle Raffle is the most interesting part of Sharp Bunnies, some would say. It is a unique buy-and-earn program where the buyers of Sharp Bunnies NFT will each stand a chance to win ETH or USD through a lucky reward system. 40 token holders are randomly selected and rewarded with ETH or USD for every 100 tokens minted. That is, for every 1000 NFTs minted, 400 buyers/holders will win. The winners will be given a portion of sales (to be announced later).
Dream Babes NFT & GameTop Event Badge
Dream Babes NFT & Game
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DREAM BABES - THE HOTTEST NFT PROJECT ON THE MARKET 10,000 Dream Babes NFTs - each unlocking a unique fully tailored romantic story just for you in Dream Babes - a hot dating sim on iOS and Android, the cult following of its adult counterpart, the mega-game Fap CEO Benefits - 500$ Worth of Goodies inside the game! - Up to 90 ETH for grabs for holders! - Best Adult Game Award 2018, 2019, 2021 - 7 Million players - Dream Babes Game Coming Q1/22! Pre-order NOW! App Store - iOS - Ongoing Daily Contests for Whitelist spots and other MASSIVE giveaways! Sale Structure - VIP Pass | Mint 3 NFTs | Selling NOW | 0.08 ETH SELLING FAST! Vesting Options for the first 500 holders (10% royalty/profit split for life) plus many other benefits! - T1 Whitelist | Mint 2 NFTs | Sale: 28 January | 0.10 ETH - T2 Whitelist | Mint 1 NFT | Sale: 29 January | 0.12 ETH - General sale | Mint 1 NFT | Sale: 30 January | 0.15 ETH JOIN NOW for the exclusive EARLY BIRD benefits Join Discord: Deadlime Watch PewDiePie play the game here Our official trailer
Bangsta BearsTop Event Badge
Bangsta Bears
Bangsta Bears is a collection of Gang Bangin' Bears. Enough of the cute animal projects, these bears are about BUSINESS. A project with sick art and great utility. Read the roadmap in our discord for more info!
 First and fourth-most, the dedication me and my team has is second to none. If you join our discord we have an awesome community who backs us 100%. Secondly, I guarantee that you will not find another discord with as much information as ours does. I've written a guide on NFTs, Stocks, Crypto & even a health write up. All are in the discord or on our medium  . Thirdly, I know I may be biased, but I believe the artwork is pretty awesome. In my eyes it is much better & different then other projects, our community loves it. Last, but not least, we have a long-term vision for this project and are in it for the long run. We want to build Bangsta Bears into a brand. We want it to be well known and be much much more than a JPEG or even as just an NFT. Owning a Bangsta Bear will give you access to much more than most other projects you buy into. Holders will be able to attend weekly livestreams where I will go over the certain topic of that week. Can be NFTs, Stocks, Crypto or other types of investments. We also want to start a token and have Bangsta Bear holders own a majority and airdrop the rest (this is a simple explanation), will have a very long whitepaper on this later as we have to talk it over with a lawyer first if we want to do the token right. Merch will be available a few weeks after mint & Roadmap 2.0 will be out a week after mint. This is because we are a community driven project & the community will decide what we do with the funds raised (over 50% will be held in a community wallet for future plans).
FunGuys Club Presale Mint!!Top Event Badge
Welcome FunGuys and FunGals! FunGuys Club is a collection of 9696 mushroom NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. These mushrooms are generated from over 60 different hand drawn traits with over one million possible combination, so no two are exactly alike! Pre-Launch Giveaways We will be giving away free NFTs every few day up until we launch. You can follow us on Twitter to enter our giveaways. There is no limit to how many different giveaways you can enter! Minting Presale minting will begin on January 29th at 9:09 AM Hawaii Standard Time for a low price of only 17 MATIC. Full public mint will begin on January 30th at 9:09 AM Hawaii Standard time for a still low price of only 25 MATIC. FunGuys can be minted at our website. Reveal Images and metadata will be revealed on February 1st. After minting our NFTs will be available on OpenSea for trading. Future Plans We want this project to be a thriving community that benefits everybody. We have big plans for the future including members only giveaways, merch store, Easter egg hunt and charity auctions. We also have plans further down the road for game and metaverse experience development! We hope to see all you FunGuys and FunGals soon!
The Ultimate Survivor NFT DropTop Event Badge
With only 9.738 survivors left in the universe, make sure you are one of us! A survivor needs a survival kit, and you will get one, free shipping! 30 eBikes for survivors Ultimate Survival Truck worth $120.000. Help Earth survive! Together we will decide which organizations that help fight global warming and pollution will get our donations. 80% of royalties fees go to survivors. Listing on Open Sea after first survivors are minted. You can get one of the Ultimate Survivors, only 27 in total and very unique. 4 artists have drawn hundreds of characteristics so you can be a unique survivor. Breeding: We should carry one and populate Earth. The Ultimate Survivor NFTs hold value in the Play-to-Earn game that will be released later on with community involvement.
The Landmark DropTop Event Badge
The Landmark Drop
REAL ESTATE NFT TOKENIZATION!!!! The Landmark is changing the ways of real estate investment by combining blockchain technology with real world construction projects! The real estate market is hot right now, and these collectibles are a one of a kind opportunity to immerse yourself in a digital investment experience! There are 10,000 unique collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain that gives you Passive Income .Visit for more details.
Killer KoalasTop Event Badge
Killer Koalas
Killer Koalas (also known as Drop Bears) are inspired by Aussie culture. They are an exclusively designed collection of 9,999 NFTS on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection has over 200 digitally created attributes making each Killer Koala unique with varying rarities. The Killer Koalas are one of the few species to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that humans and robots destroyed. Their numbers have been diminished to a limited 9,999 due to forest fires, deforestation, and diseases. As a result, they have separated into factions - the Burnt, the Lost and the Sick. Do you have the killer instinct to join the Killer Koala community to help fight for justice in this unjust world and to reclaim what was once lost? Killer Koalas support Koalas in Australia with a donation fund set up in the Roadmap. Varying Killer Koala holders will also receive a 3d model of the NFT with additional models set up for purchase within the roadmap. Be sure to check out Discord for more information and whitelist spots that provide access to our Pre-sale! Pre-sale: 29th January 2022 Public Sale: 30th January 2022 Release Date - 30 Jan 2022 Release Time - 8:00 UTC Pre-Sale- 29 Jan 2022 Pre-Sale Time - 8:00 UTC Mint Size - 9999 Mint Price - 0.033 ETH
Joyfulsion The Special BirdTop Event Badge
A collection with colorful and unique designs to match who is like her and Do not worry about other people. Joy's purpose is basically to match everyone with your many styles and grimaces. Colorful, with a little bit of everything, is perfect to join in collections of Small and Big colletors.
Lazy CrocsTop Event Badge
Lazy Crocs
The Lazy Crocs is the first NFT collection in the Lazy Club NFT Collections Project and is set to be released at the end of January 2022. The Lazy Club NFT Collections is a project that will consist of 12 unique animal-themed collections, which will all be launched by the end of 2022, with each collection containing 1,000 NFTs. One collection will be released at the end of every month of 2022, starting with the Lazy Crocs in January. Lazy Crocs is a collection of 1,000 unique and lazy Crocodile NFT’s available on the Polygon Blockchain. LazyCrocs have been programmatically generated from over 200+ attributes with each NFT carrying unique characteristics and traits Pre-sale will take place on 30/01/2022 – 5PM (GMT) with 150 Lazy Crocs up for grabs. The price of one Lazy Croc will be 0.02 ETH at pre-sale, and the price will increase to 0.04 ETH on the day of the main sale, which will be on 31/01/2022 – 5PM (GMT). In total 980 Lazy Crocs will be sold to the public and 20 will be held back for giveaways and future events. Check out our Roadmap available on the Lazy Club website, to see the benefits of owning a Lazy Club NFT, as holders who collect one NFT from each of the 12 collections will be rewarded!

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